Friday, December 16, 2011

Days 252 - 265 aka Tis the Season aka Mind Over Matter aka Focus, Bethany, FOCUS!

80 Pounds Lost! 
 I am to the point now where exercise is not the problem.  If I could go to Geaux Crossfit everyday, I would.  I am thankful that my husband and my parents are there to support me and watch the children so I can go 3 days a week.  I wish everyone had the opportunity to give crossfit a's addictive.  One of the 6am crew at Geaux Crossfit was telling me how his wife has banned him from talking about it.  It's such a big part of all of our lives....sometimes we can't help but to share our accomplishments....I know it must get tiring to our loved ones. : )  I can't figure out why Crossfit is so addictive...I guess for many reasons - the results (I feel stronger than I ever have in my life...did I mention my deadlift is 205?), the community (the 6am crew is tight...I am happy to walk in the doors everyday), the competitiveness (with yourself and with others), the trainers (they celebrate our successes right along with us and push us to our potential everyday),  every WOD completed is an accomplishment..something to celebrate.  I could just go on and on.  So yeah, I guess you could say I am pretty sold on the exercise (except for lunges and squats....) 

Food, on the other hand, is another story.  December, December, December....why are you so full of temptations?  Work parties, cookies, candy......The truth is, I love I really love it.  It's not like I have found this new healthy lifestyle and the thought of eating a whole chocolate cake washed down with chocolate milk makes me sick.  Instead, it makes me salivate...just one taste would be so good.

So, how do I stay focused on the goal?  It is not easy.  I know one thing.  On the days I go to Geaux Crossfit and exercise, I am mentally stronger and don't have to fight the urge to give into temptation.  I don't know if it is because I can think back on how hard I worked during the WOD in the morning or if it is something to do with endorphins that kicked in because of exercise..those days are just easier.

But really, when I think about paleP and Crossfit, I am thinking lifestyle change - not temporary solution to reach my goal.  Because what is going to happen when I reach my goal?  Am I going to just start eating whatever I want?  This diet and exercise has to be a lifestyle for me. 

So, I've been struggling with the idea of a "cheat."  I think I have to be okay with cheating once in awhile even if it will make me take longer to get to my goal.  I am not talking about eating a whole cake or even a piece of one.  I am talking about a  piece of chocolate...or some popcorn...something without gluten  I am won't go into the details about how long gluten stays in your body and how hard it is to reset yourself once you have it... (see for that information).  For me, I know that gluten is what makes me feel like crap.  I cannot do it to myself.

On January 14, Geaux Crossfit is hosting a nutrition seminar that focuses on the Paleo diet.  Whole9 will be presenting - they are Paleo eating gurus who travel around the country teaching people about nutrition.  I am hoping I can go and talk with them some about cheating.  I just cannot believe there are people out there who eat Paleo and never eat outside of the diet my mind, that is just not realistic (even for someone like Robb Wolf).  Can't wait to hear what they have to say!!

Want to attend the Whole9 workshop in Baton Rouge on January 14?  Go to

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