Thursday, June 30, 2011

Days 101 and 102 AKA - 30 Day Challenge Results!!

Today was the end of the Geaux Crossfit's 30 Day Challenge!  It really was great to be part of a community that is all eating the same way...I am a little sad it is over but a lot happy that I can partake in a skinny girl  margarita this weekend..haha

Sooo...I am very, very excited about my results:

June 1 (DAY 1)
500 m row - 1:57
Max in two minutes:
Squats - 24 (with bench)
Sit ups - 36
Push ups - 8 (laying down on floor and pushing up)
Pull ups - 21 (jumping)
Mile Run - 11:58 (my first mile!!!)

June 30 (LAST DAY)
500 m row - 2:00 (still tired from Fran)
Squats - 35 (with bench)
Sit ups - 42
Push ups - 16 (laying down on floor and pushing up)
Pull ups - 39 (jumping)
Mile Run - 11:34!!!!!!!!
Total Lost: 17 Pounds!!! TOTAL INCHES LOST:, chest 3 inches, bicep left 2 inches and right 1.5 inches, waist 2.9!! (I added wrong before!!), thigh left 2 inches and right 3.5 inches...which means I lost a total of 14.9 inches from around my body!!

I do think that my times would have been even better if I didn't do "Fran" for the WOD yesterday....there is something about that work sounds simple enough but it is killer...yesterday was an AMAZING day at the gym - I actually did my first box jump AND my first non-jumping pull up (using a rubber band).  I am really, really excited!!

June 29, 2011
600m run/stretching
Workout of the Day
Max High Jump - 12 inches!  Woo hoo!  First time I jumped instead of stepped!!

For Time:
-Thrusters-95/65 (35 pounds/used bench for squats)
-Pull Ups (used red band - first time I used band instead of jumping!!!)

WOD TIME: 7:55
500m row (slow 500 meters..I was so tired!)

Sooo..I have lost 49 pounds in close to 50!  For the first time in my life, I really feel like I am going to do goal is 100 pounds by January and I am already almost halfway there.  That leaves me about 2 pounds a week to lose. 

The 30 days of strict paleo is officially over...that means I have to make some major decisions:

1. should I allow Diet Coke to be part of my diet?  The answer is NO.  It is hard but I truly feel like the relationship I had with Diet Coke could be considered an addiction. I do not want to go back there.  There is nothing good about Diet Coke.

2. should I start including dairy in my diet?  Sometimes.  I do not plan to drink milk because the sugar content is really high...but, once in awhile, I may get feta cheese on my salad at Albasha or splurge for a gluten free pizza.  I would say once or twice a month would make dairy a splurge rather than a routine.

3. What about fruit? Again, sometimes.  I know I lose more weight and have more energy without it...but, if I want a piece of watermelon or some strawberries once in awhile, I will go for it.

4.  Processed foods/gluten - are a NO.  No need to even discuss them.

5. What will I add into my diet, in moderation?  Black beans and hummus....sounds a little pathetic that these are what I have been waiting for during the last 30 days...but it is true.  I will feel good if I eat them about once a week.

6. What about Geaux Crossfit? I am so ready to commit another 30 days to this lifestyle.  For the first time in my life, I don't dread going to the gym (although the 5:15am wake up call sucks sometimes).  If my schedule allowed, I would go more often.

I am almost halfway to losing 100 pounds...I feel stronger than I ever have in my life.  I think back on Day 1 of this journey....I couldn't even row 500m and now I am beating myself up if it is over 2 minutes.  I hope that other people like me decide to try this diet/exercise out for themselves.  I have honestly never felt better...right now my legs are killing me, my arms feel so tired and I am loving it.  It is not because I sat too long in the same position but because I was exercising giving it my all.

I am so excited for the next 30 days to start!!!  Someone at the gym told me about this GREAT website where you can buy crossfit jewelry.  Once I hit 50 pounds here is my reward!!:
Check out for some great jewelry!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Days 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 Days 20 - 28 of the Paleo Challenge

Being on vacation and sticking to strict paleo was not easy.  I really, really tried to prepare but I kept finding myself in tough situations.  We drove for about 10 hours (including stops) to Nashville with the kids and decided to stop every couple of hours..including a lunchtime picnic that was paleo friendly....but I didn't count on it to be raining.  We needed to find somewhere that allowed the kids to run around and get tired enough to nap for a couple hours.  We ended up at Chuck E Cheese.  Jason and the kids had pizza and I had some raw nuts....I wasn't even hungry and I know that Chuck E Cheese isn't so good but it still made me grumpy to have to go without.

We ended up driving about 4 hours before we stopped again and by then I was STARVING.  I packed a cooler with some baked chicken to eat.  Now those that know me understand my love/hate relationship with chicken.  I love that it is inexpensive and you can cook it in so many ways but I just cannot eat it very often.  I am not a huge fan.  I took it out of the cooler and decided I could eat it because I was hungry and it was healthy and blah blah blah...I took a big bite and it was FROZEN!  Ugh!  It makes my stomach turn to even think about I had some more nuts and didn't eat much of anything that day...I haven't been able to stomach chicken since.

I did my best to stay Paleo for the rest of my vacation but I ended up feeling hungry a lot which I know is not good.  Probably the best meal of the vacation was at a Mexican restaurant named Sol.  My fabulous husband and wonderful mother in law graciously volunteered to watch the kids so I could spend time with my good friend and Nashville native Kim.  When we got to the restaurant, I explained my eating issues...we got guacamole as an appetizer and I was kinda bummed because I couldn't eat the chips.  My waitress surprised me by bringing lettuce leaves and thinly sliced jicama!  The jicama was great and crunchy and perfect.  I will most certainly add it to my list of paleo treats!

Hard to Resist!
My brother in laws wedding (as I am sure all weddings) was difficult.  They had some delicious looking food - I am a big fan of the Hors d'Ĺ“uvres..especially those with puff pastry.  And the cake was beautiful and looked delicious.  If someone told me it was gluten free, I would have gone for it.

I also had no time to was just too hard to find a way to feel good about leaving Jason and the kids behind while I went to the gym...I didn't just sit around like I usually do at work - we went to the park, we ran up and down hills, we played at the zoo...I know it doesn't make up for my lack of exercise but I am trying my best to not beat myself up over it....ugh...Sleeping in one room with Jason and the kids did not leave me restful...I just could not do it.

Feeling own fault
And on the ride home, I indulged in a few fries...I figured they don't have gluten so they won't make me sick.  I was tired.  I had enough of saying no and avoiding food.  And what happened?  They didn't even taste good and they made me sick...super sick.  Enough that we ended up getting home late because I had to keep stopping....At one of the stops I decided to take a photo of me to have so I can remember how bad it feels when I don't eat good stuff.  It is NOT worth it....I let my guard down for a second and had to suffer the consequences.

Tea < Diet Coke :(
Diet coke was the hardest thing for me to avoid.  I felt myself craving it when I was tired and feeling a little overwhelmed with everything.  Seriously...I was craving it like an addict.  I am so thankful I had some bottled unsweetened tea I could drink in the car.....

So overall, I feel like I had an AMAZING time with my family and am so thankful to be able to take vacations with them a couple times a year....but the food part sucked.  I am still struggling with equating vacations and eating.  I had thoughts of jealousy about what other people were eating...I burst into tears once when I was talking to Jason about how hard it is.....and I know I had moments of complete grumpiness that Jason and the kids had to deal with because I was frustrated and sick of all of these restrictions.

What I am thankful for, however, is Geaux Crossfit.  If we were not doing this 30 Day Paleo Challenge, I would have eaten alot worse...I would have felt sick most of the time....and I would not have been able to play with my children and enjoy our time together as much as I did.  It will feel good to get back to it tomorrow morning and exercise!  Only TWO more days till weigh-in!

This MUST count as exercise!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Days 88, 89, 90 and 91 (Days 16 - 19 of Paleo Challenge)

I have been avoiding writing this post because I do not want to have to admit how disappointed I am in myself.  These last few days were a true test of my strength and I feel like I failed.  Wednesday was seriously as perfect as I day can get - I got amazing support from Geaux Crossfit, I finished a WOD I never thought I would be able to do and I was feeling so happy and confident...

On Thursday and Friday I had to deal with some stress and I immediately wanted to turn to food...for my entire life that is what I did when I was in a tough situation.  I knew in my heart that what I needed most was to get to Geaux Crossfit on Friday to exercise...that always makes me feel better.  But when I checked out the WOD for Friday I about had a panic attack - it was a team exercise.  One person had to do one thing while the other did something else and then you switched.  You couldn't switch until both people were done.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I just about stayed up all night in a panic about the WOD...I could just picture everyone else done and my poor partner having to wait because I couldn't keep up.  When it is a regular WOD I understand that I will probably finish last...but to make someone else have to finish last too..I just couldn't do it.  My alarm went off and I could not make myself get out of bed to go in. :(

Looking Good Max!
My eating on Friday started off pretty good - I totally wanted to eat something not so paleo-friendly though.  I usually eat when I get to work and on Friday morning I brought Max (my puppy) into the Petz Plaza to get groomed.  He came out looking great thanks to fellow Crossfitter and groomer Paige...but I almost lost it and stopped at NY Bagel.  In my mind I was thinking f--- already didn't exercise so you might as well eat a bagel too..I was feeling sorry for myself.  I actually pulled into the parking lot and argued with myself for a good 5 one will ever know..its just one time...blah blah blah...luckily I came to my senses and left before going into the store....

It's not a bagel but it's good

When I got to work I ate a good paleo breakfast but, man, that was a close one.  Then I had an appointment on Friday that lasted from 11:30am - 5:00pm.  I didn't expect it to last so long and didn't arrive prepared.  There were no paleo-friendly snacks.  On the way home I was feeling light headed and had to stop.  I went to Taco Bell and ate as paleo as I could - just meat, veggies, and tomatoes..and I was almost immediately stomach was still crampy and awful the next morning!  Yuck!  It was an awful way to end a tough day.

Yesterday I spent baking Father's Day treats with the kids - cinnamon cake for their daddy, lemon cake for their Abu, pineapple cake for their grandpa and banana cream pie for our neighbor!  I know it probably sounds like torture to spend the day baking things that I cannot eat but really, I am long as no chocolate is involved! 

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed about eating...I think, holy shit I will never be able to eat a bagel again...or a cheeseburger on a bun...or cake....or I get so sick of all of the prep work.  I just want to be able to grab something to eat like everyone else.  I told my mum the other day that I felt like diet coke was on sale everywhere just because I can't drink it...or Mc Donalds and their damn rolo ice cream sundaes?  Seriously..that sounds like a dream come true.  I really try so hard to just concentrate on 30 days at a time.  That seems more doable...11 days until the the end of the paleo challenge.  I can do it.  I have a vacation and wedding to go to next week..I just have to concentrate on that vacation and not think big I should eat for the rest of my life...

New Hair!! is time for me to focus on this new week.  The end of last week was an emotional one for me but it is over now.  As I sit here eating a snack of blueberries and cashew butter I am going to remind myself that just a few months ago, when I was 40+ pounds heavier, I would have been eating junk food without even thinking about my health or the health of my children.  That is what I will focus on to get through another day. 

I finally took the time to treat myself to celebrate my success.  When I started this journey, I made a list of "rewards" for myself every time I lost 10 pounds...I haven't been very good at keeping up with them I decided to spend some time getting my hair done!! (special thanks to fellow dieter Keeli for introducing me to a fabulous hair stylist at Paris Parker!

I am so lucky to have a husband who supports me 100% and is willing to make sacrifices (like getting up extra early) so I can go the gym - Happy, Happy Father's Day!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Days 85, 86, 87 aka Days 13, 14 15 of paleo challenge aka WEIGH IN!!!

Sooo today is officially halfway through Geaux Crossfit's paleo is Day 15 and I officially lost....  11 pounds!!  That is a total of 43 pounds in 87 days!!  I cannot believe it!!!  This has seriously been the easiest weight I have ever lost...yes I am working hard at the gym but I seriously never feel hungry.  It's not like other diets that I have done where I am just sitting there waiting until I can eat again...this is all very emotional for me - seriously...a LIFESTYLE change.  We always here that when we try new ways of eating healthy but, for me, it was always said with a little eye rolling..but paleo really does feel like a new lifestyle.  Now, in 31 days I will not be quite as strict (I can barely wait for some hummus) but I am going to stick pretty closely to the plan....more on that later.  First I have to talk about this killer WOD I did today.  I know I keep thinking this but, seriously, this is the hardest WOD I have ever done...when I saw it listed last night I seriously thought that Amber would modify it so I wouldn't do so much running...I was wrong!!  Okay, here it is:

400m run - no stopping
a variety of stretches
Workout of the Day
1 heavy set of 5 reps Deadlift - I think 105 pounds
For Time:
-800 Meter run - DIDN’t WALK!! WOOO HOOO!
-20 front squats (115/75) - did squats with bench
-400 Meter Run
-30 Push Press (115/75) - I think 55 pounds
-800 Meter Run
-20 Front Squats (115/75) - did squats with bench
-400 Meter Run
TIME 29:something…can’t remember!

I am sure this is the most running I have ever done...seriously.  Okay, so this is a little embarrassing but, for some reason, this WOD made me really I couldn't get into my car fast enough to burst into tears emotional.  First, Amber pushed me to do more weight that I thought I could for the push press...I am so thankful for her - she shows such confidence in me and that helps me progress and get stronger and healthier.  I  really didn't think I could do it...but I did!  I never would have tried if it weren't for I almost started crying when I finished that.. and then...omg this just makes me cry typing it.  I was doing the last 400 m run and I really didn't think I was going to finish....I knew the other two people doing the WOD were already done... i stopped running and started walking and figured I would just walk over the finish line.  I had about a lap to go (200m) and then I heard them... Brad and Ava, the other ones who had already finished, came running around the corner to run with me and give me the confidence I needed to finish strong.  It was such an unbelievable moment for me.  I did it.  Because of them.  Geaux Crossfit truly is an amazing place.  Brad and Ava are both really fit....they had already done this grueling workout and didn't have to think of me..but they did and it will be a moment that I will not soon forget.

Eating Out..Paleo Style.
I am proud because this week I went to my favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge, the Londoner, and managed to eat paleo.  I had emailed them a few weeks ago to find out of they had an gluten free options and the manager sent me back a LOVELY email going through their whole menu.  The email was very thoughtful and had all the information I needed!  Sooo...I got the burger with no bun with avocado.  I asked for some mustard to eat with it but the burger was sooo delicious that I didn't need any!

I leave on my family road trip to Nashville in one week.  I am getting nervous about eating but know that I have to be extra prepared so all will go well - yesterday I made homemade trail mix (raw nuts and very few dried cranberries for a treat..) and put it in small snack bags that I can put in my purse.  I also plan to pack a lunch for the road trip..thank god for Sam's Club rotisserie chicken, along with other paleo friendly food items.  I just keep telling myself that I can do it...I can get though a vacation and 9+ hour drive (each way...).

"trail mix" for road trip!
Okay...soo...I am finally, after almost 3 months, ready to commit to an official goal.  I have been thinking about it a lot and I know what will make me happiest and proud.  I want to lose 100 pounds in one year.  Before I started this journey, I wouldn't think it was possible without weight loss surgery or being chosen for the Biggest Loser.  But I have done that math over and over has been 3 months and I have lost 43 pounds.  That gives me 9 months to lose 57 pounds.  I have averaged about 15 pounds a month and I only need to average around 8 pounds a month to reach the 100 pound in February of 2012 I will be 100 pounds lighter than February 2011!  Jason and I have discussed how to celebrate when I reach it and both agree a family cruise is the way to go!!!  That is GREAT incentive!!  I am soo excited! is time to get ready to bed for is early but I am emotionally and physically exhausted.  But I feel stronger, lighter and more determined than ever!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Days 81, 82, 83, 84 and (paleo challenge 9, 10, 11, and 12)

The workout on Friday kicked my started with a 500m rowing sprint.  I have been rowing after my WODS as much as possible for two reasons:
1. Amber wants me to get in as much cardio as possible.  This totally makes sense to me - I have the most weight to lose out of anyone I have seen at Geaux Crossfit...I need to burn off calories as often as possible.
I am wiped out
2. I don't want to say I am competitive (although most people will know me will say I am) but at the gym they have the best time for different WODs posted on dry erase boards hanging up on the walls.  I think that the 500m row is the one that I have the best shot to get in the top 5.....soo I am much as possible.  Because I want my name on a board. It is crazy what motivates us!

June 10, 2011400m run
Workout of the Day
500 M Row Sprint - 1:57.9 (NO, I am not rounding up to 1:58..hahaha)
-10 Knees to Elbows (I did sit ups)
-10 Slam Balls (with 20 pound ball)
-25 M bear Crawl (I did 10 calorie row)
REPS: 4 plus sit ups and slam balls

Dripping with Sweat
As always, Amber was able to modify the workout to fit my level.  I was wiped out afterwards.  I have never sweat as much as I do by the time I am done with the WOD.  My hair is literally dripping wet.  I didn't know I was physically possible to workout that hard!!  It is...and sometimes it only takes 20 minutes.

Today was a tough day diet wise and it just reminds me how important it is to be prepared.  I didn't have much breakfast because the kids and Jason wanted pancakes.  I had a little bit of bacon and an egg.  Then my mum and Abby and I spent the day shopping, getting ready for the France family road trip to Nashville that will happen one week from Thursday.

By 1pm I was grumpy (my mum will attest to that) and hungry.  I got a new purse and hadn't switched everything over yet so I didn't have any paleo snacks like almond butter.  My brain wasn't mum decided to bring chinese home for her and my dad and I got some for Jason too. I ordered as paleo as I could for me...pork chow mein...I ate a couple bites but couldn't  choke down much more.  It just didn't taste good to me...the couple of bites did the trick though - I ended up with a headache and awful stomach cramps....totally not worth it.

Paleo Breakfast: boiled eggs & cucumbers
I got home and cooked twice the amount of paleo dishes I need for the week.  The extras i put in the freezer to bring with me on the road trip.  We are going to Nashville for my brother in law's wedding and I am really worried about the  food issues.  Luckily we are staying in a hotel room that has a microwave and fridge.... I am determined to make our 9+ hour drive with my four year and two year old as pleasant and healthy as possible...I always use road trips as an excuse to eat junk food...I am determined to break that habit.

Sooo..Wednesday is Day 15 and Weigh in/Measurements #1!  I am so excited and nervous and ready for it to happen!!!

Gotta be healthy for the kids!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DAY 80!!! (and paleo challenge days 6, 7, 8)

I can't believe it!  Today is day 80 of my time with Geaux Crossfit and Paleo and I am so excited! 

I almost didn't get out bed for the WOD today because I had the day off but I forced myself to:

Here is what I did:

Warm up
400m run
Workout of the Day
Bench Press 5-5-5
Working on my Squat Cleans
(I did 35 pound barbell w/ a 10 and 5 on each side)
3 Rounds for Time:
-10 Squat Cleans (95/65) (I did 35 pound barbell with 10s on each side..focused on the clean and not the squat)
-25m Over Head Weighted Walking Lunges (35/25) (I didn’t do weighted)
-10 box Jumps (I did stepping..small jump with red weight on it)
Time: 14:51
then 500m row in 2:16 (I was sooo tired)

I woke up thinking about that baseline workout - the one you do when you first join Geaux Crossfit.  It is:

For time:
500m row
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Afterwards, I couldn't walk for four days...seriously.  The day after that I was a chaperone for Abby's field trip and my body ached so bad that I didn't think I was going to be able to get off the bus....I could barely stumble may way through it..I was in so much pain.  But now, I look at that workout and get excited...It sounds like sick is that!!

I think Day 80 is a good day for a reflection.  The fabulous trainer Amber who has continuously pushed me to get stronger and healthier during these 80 days sent me some pics from the last two workouts.  When I first looked at them, I had the moment where I was like yuck...I look like that?  I feel so strong but the pictures don't really show that.  Then I came to my senses and decided to look at a photo from the weekend before this all began...and now, more than ever, I am proud of how strong I feel and how much lighter I am (over 30 pounds)!  The pictures prove it!

Left - Weekend Before Joining Crossfit; Right This Week

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Days 76 and 77...aka Paleo Challenge Days 4 and 5

This weekend was just what I needed - no major plans at all and even a date night with no kids!!.  I normally weigh in on Sundays but am trying to stay true to Geaux Crossfit's Paleo Challenge and weigh in on Days 15 and I won't know how it is going for 10 more days!

Date Night!

J enjoying a non paleo beverage
I spent today cooking and getting ready for the week.  I made a paleo bbq sauce that I found online and it seems too good to be true!  I made bbq pork loin and chicken for this week.  I also tried out the mandoline I got for my birthday - it is amazing! How could I have gone so long without one?  I julienned a bunch of zucchini and sauteed it up with some vidalia onion, garlic and EVOO.  I also made some grilled asparagus and steak.  I tried the golden beet chips but had a dehydrator malfunction so that experiment is put on hold for awhile.


I have been thinking about my body and the changes I have felt since starting this journey almost 80 days ago.  Since 1999 I have been getting migraines that require me to take some serious medicine and lay in a dark room for a couple hours to get rid of them.  I have only had one migraine since I started this new lifestyle and guess what?  It was during a weekend that I allowed myself to be a little relaxed about paleo.  I didn't eat gluten but I didn't stay true to the diet.  Over 10 years of suffering is just gone...not once did a doctor recommend I change my diet except maybe to watch out for caffeine.

I have lost over 30 pounds and am still wearing the same pants because they are just starting to fit uncomfortable I must have been everyday.  It is hard to remember...I was telling Jason this weekend that I was SOOO thankful for all this and it hit at just the right time...I had just convinced myself that maybe it would be okay to wear sweatpants out in public because they were so much more is not okay.  I knew that but my jeans weren't fitting anymore and I didn't want to buy new ones.  I was big time in denial about my weight.  Not anymore...I know I still have a LONG way to go before I am a healthy me.

I am scared for tomorrow's workout...that feeling in the pit of my stomach..anxiety about everyone else being done and I am not even halfway's one of those kinds of WODS.....but I am SOOO excited to workout again - I wish I could figure out a way to go more often.  Having 2 kids, a husband, 2 dogs, a cat, a full time job, etc...I guess I should be happy being able to arrange my schedule so I can attend 3 times a week.

I have a feeling this week is going to be a good one.  My only major concern is a scheduled lunch for work that is happening at the Red Lobster.  I don't really like seafood and they don't have a gluten free menu...ugh.  I guess I will have to figure it out when I get there!!

My biggest wish, right now, is that I looked as good as I feel.  I want to be able to talk Crossfit and Paleo with people that don't know me...right now I know they would be looking at me like I couldn't make valid remarks on a healthy lifestyle because of my weight.  How much do I need to lose?  How fit do I need to be?  I am going to a wedding in Nashville in a couple weeks.  I would totally love to be able to have the confidence to walk into a Crossfit gym (there are multiple because I checked) and ask to work out there during my stay...I just can't do it.  No matter how much I know that it would be okay, I just do not feel like I can do it until I look better.  Ugh.  maybe by my brother's wedding in October....I wonder if there are Crossfit gyms in Richmond??
Bethany and Kelly P's kids playing the piano!  Love this photo and just had to share!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Days 74 and 75 (and Days 2 and 3 of Paleo Challenge)

Okay, I am not going to lie.  Today's Geaux Crossfit workout was the hardest one I have done to date.  I honestly didn't think I was going to make it.....There was a moment when I thought about telling Amber that I was done for the day.  But I did it!  And I cannot believe I did! it is:

400m warm up run (without stopping!!)

Can't believe I made it out alive!
Workout of the Day
Back Squat 3-3-3 *just worked on my squats - did 3 rounds of 10
-Power snatch 95/65 - weight was 30
-200m Run
WOD TIME - 24:34
I know it doesn't look like much but it really was ridiculous.  A power snatch is done with a barbell that starts on the floor and you basically jump it up over your we had to 10 of them and then run 200m, then 9 of them and run 200m, then 8 and run 200m, etc... When I got past 6...there just wasn't enough time to catch my breath before I had to start running again.  Basically I ran well over a mile today and I really did try to run for as much of it as I can.  I did walk for some but I am sooo happy because I really feel like I pushed myself.
Yayayy for Fancy Tea!!

And once again, I cannot get over the feeling of community at this gym.  I was the last to finish and the other people in the class were there rooting me on and helped me push myself to the extreme.

My eating has been good since starting the challenge.  I think this really strict paleo is something I will have to do every other month or two months or something....Right before Geaux Crossfit started this challenge I really started to feel myself slipping....being healthy is a slippery slope and I need all the help I can get...once again Geaux Crossfit saves the day!!

Sooo..yesterday was my birthday and it was fabulous!  I got so many gifts to support my new lifestyle.  Jason sent me off on a shopping spree to get some new clothes for work and, my new favorite thing to shop for, working out.  My parents got me a mandolin for the kitchen so I can start slicing and dicing food for my dehydrator.  Kelly P. got me a really wonderful team maker and fancy herbal teas...she knows how terribly hard it has been for me to give up Diet Coke.  This herbal tea contraption is just what I needed to occupy my void where Diet Coke used to be.  She also brought a delicious watermelon for my colleagues and I to enjoy instead of the usual birthday cake.  Sometimes at work I would find myself eating baked goods that I really don't even like (i.e. white cake/white frosting) just because it was there and everyone else was eating it....I am thankful Kelly P. came up with an alternative solution that really was extra special and delicious.  How can I be so lucky to have such amazing support? 

Soooo..since the whole gym is doing the Paleo challenge, we have to keep online food logs for the trainers to check out.  Here are mine for the last two days:
June 2, 2011 (MY BIRTHDAY!!) and Day 2 of the Paleo Challenge
2 cups of Paleo Chicken Soup - chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini (from my garden!!), tomatoes, onion, tomatoes, celery, spinach and cabbage
iced herbal tea
Birthday Watermelon!
100 calorie pack of guacamole
1/2 grilled hamburger
iced herbal tea
Watermelon - I am trying to stay away from fruit but my fabulous coworker brought in watermelon instead of a birthday cake.  I made sure we ate it before 3pm…
Salad - romaine, 1/2 boiled egg, carrots, balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil
prime rib - a big hunk for my birthday treat cheese
1/2 plain sweet potato
water with lemon

June 3, 2011
Breakfast - 8:45am
2 eggs - scrambled
8 oz steak
onions/mushrooms sauteed in olive oil
unsweetened black tea
Lunch - 2:00pm (not super hungry after big breakfast)
1/2 cup pork roast
1/2 zucchini cooked in olive oil
unsweetened herbal tea
Dinner - 7:30pmish
A paleo sampling at Whole Foods!

Snack - 9:30pm
1/4 cup pork roast

I really am proud of myself for keeping my eating clean and only eating when I am hungry.  It sounds so stupid to be proud of that but I think back on the amount of food I consumed....there is no way I was always hungry when I ate something.

Today ended on a total high note..thanks to Geaux Crossfit and Whole Foods.  We got to tour our local Whole Foods to learn about how to shop their for the paleo diet.  It was totally informative and made me excited to continue this journey! Then, they surprised us by cooking a paleo feast!!  There were plantain chips, fruit, different nut butters, paleo tacos, guacamole, salsa, unsweetened tea.  It was truly a treat, especially for me...since I didn't have to cook dinner!  :)

Jackie, Melody and Amber thank you for the amazing treat!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today has been Day 1 of Geaux Crossfit's paleo challenge.  For 30 days I, and many, may others from the gym, have signed a contract stating that I'd live strict paleo for the next 30 days.  Additionally, I have promised to workout at least 3 times a week - the more the better.

Below is the WOD for today including my modifications (this one made me sweat so bad my hair was dripping):

Sooo Tired Post Workout
25 15 10 5
Push Press - weight 55
Box Jumps (stepping on small box with red weight on top)

In addition to the WOD, I did:
500m row - 2:06
at home - 20 sit ups

I feel great about my exercise today but it is 7:30pm and I am ready to go to depressing!  I think it is Robb Wolf in Paleo Solutions that talks about how you should go to bed when you are tired and sleep until you wake up naturally...ummm..right.  Robb Wolf must not have a full time job, a four year old, a two year old, a husband, two dogs, a cat, 2 fish, and a garden to keep alive.  I can go to bed after I get the kids to sleep, pack lunches for tomorrow, finish a load of laundry, call back my brother Chris, look at the grocery store circulars to determine what meat and veggies I can buy this week, and pick up the house.  Then, in the morning, I can wake up at 5:15 am so I have time to get to the gym, get home and ready for work, and spend a few minutes with my kids before I leave them for the day......

Sooo..we also have to log all of our food each day in order to be part of the challenge.  And the thing is, if we don't follow the rules not only to we get punished with extra exercise, but so does our paleo "Buddy."  So, I don't do something right than poor Ava will be stuck doing 50 burpees. 

Here is my log for today:

June 1 (First Day of Challenge)
Beef Stew, the breakfast of champions
1 cup paleo beef stew (beef, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers)
Steak/Chicken Salad - lettuce, carrots, guacamole (1/2 of 100 cal pack), salsa (paleo friendly), balsamic vinegar/olive oil, 1/2 grilled chicken breast and 1/2 of a small filet
Spicy brisket with carrots, garlic, onion, celery, cumin, hot diced tomatoes with green chilis
Extra lean hamburger cooked on the grill with onions

So my day of eating started out FABULOUSLY thanks to Kelly P.  She is doing the 30 day challenge with me and we are taking turns cooking.  So she made some delicious paleo beef stew (no flour or potatoes) and it was really, really good.  The only time I felt hungry today was right before lunch..otherwise I felt great...except for one thing....

No diet coke and no coffee.  Because of that, today went by very slowly.  I normally would start my day with at least one cup of coffee, usually two.  Then I would have one or two cans of diet coke during the day.  Today I stuck to water.  It was quite a struggle but I did it.  At this very moment I have some herbal tea brewing that will become iced tea before the night is out.  Hopefully that will help some...but Diet Coke.  Oh how I miss you.


Diet Coke, you've been my friend for years.
And I am so sad to say goodbye.
I know I may shed some tears.
    To avoid you I will really have to try..
                                                  But this is my life now and I am taking charge
                                               I'm done pretending I don't know why
                                I feel as big as a barge
                                  So long and  farewell to an unhealthy me
                                    From now on I stick to unsweetened tea!