Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today has been Day 1 of Geaux Crossfit's paleo challenge.  For 30 days I, and many, may others from the gym, have signed a contract stating that I'd live strict paleo for the next 30 days.  Additionally, I have promised to workout at least 3 times a week - the more the better.

Below is the WOD for today including my modifications (this one made me sweat so bad my hair was dripping):

Sooo Tired Post Workout
25 15 10 5
Push Press - weight 55
Box Jumps (stepping on small box with red weight on top)

In addition to the WOD, I did:
500m row - 2:06
at home - 20 sit ups

I feel great about my exercise today but it is 7:30pm and I am ready to go to depressing!  I think it is Robb Wolf in Paleo Solutions that talks about how you should go to bed when you are tired and sleep until you wake up naturally...ummm..right.  Robb Wolf must not have a full time job, a four year old, a two year old, a husband, two dogs, a cat, 2 fish, and a garden to keep alive.  I can go to bed after I get the kids to sleep, pack lunches for tomorrow, finish a load of laundry, call back my brother Chris, look at the grocery store circulars to determine what meat and veggies I can buy this week, and pick up the house.  Then, in the morning, I can wake up at 5:15 am so I have time to get to the gym, get home and ready for work, and spend a few minutes with my kids before I leave them for the day......

Sooo..we also have to log all of our food each day in order to be part of the challenge.  And the thing is, if we don't follow the rules not only to we get punished with extra exercise, but so does our paleo "Buddy."  So, I don't do something right than poor Ava will be stuck doing 50 burpees. 

Here is my log for today:

June 1 (First Day of Challenge)
Beef Stew, the breakfast of champions
1 cup paleo beef stew (beef, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers)
Steak/Chicken Salad - lettuce, carrots, guacamole (1/2 of 100 cal pack), salsa (paleo friendly), balsamic vinegar/olive oil, 1/2 grilled chicken breast and 1/2 of a small filet
Spicy brisket with carrots, garlic, onion, celery, cumin, hot diced tomatoes with green chilis
Extra lean hamburger cooked on the grill with onions

So my day of eating started out FABULOUSLY thanks to Kelly P.  She is doing the 30 day challenge with me and we are taking turns cooking.  So she made some delicious paleo beef stew (no flour or potatoes) and it was really, really good.  The only time I felt hungry today was right before lunch..otherwise I felt great...except for one thing....

No diet coke and no coffee.  Because of that, today went by very slowly.  I normally would start my day with at least one cup of coffee, usually two.  Then I would have one or two cans of diet coke during the day.  Today I stuck to water.  It was quite a struggle but I did it.  At this very moment I have some herbal tea brewing that will become iced tea before the night is out.  Hopefully that will help some...but Diet Coke.  Oh how I miss you.


Diet Coke, you've been my friend for years.
And I am so sad to say goodbye.
I know I may shed some tears.
    To avoid you I will really have to try..
                                                  But this is my life now and I am taking charge
                                               I'm done pretending I don't know why
                                I feel as big as a barge
                                  So long and  farewell to an unhealthy me
                                    From now on I stick to unsweetened tea!

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  1. nice one! i have been starting to kick the diet coke habit...but slowly. not sure if i can go cold turkey. you are warrior woman ;D