Monday, May 30, 2011

Days 60 - 71...and I AM BACK!!

Oh my goodness...I cannot believe I lost 11 DAYS!!  I went away on my girl's weekend and ended up waking up on Monday with a nasty sinus infection...after three different antibiotics and two doctor visits, I am FINALLY better.  I have to admit my eating was not all it should have been during the last 11 days...I had a not-so-pleasant reminder of why I should avoid gluten involving my mother's delicious baking and my lost will power.

But I finally woke up yesterday feeling better and emailed Geaux Crossfit trainer Amber.  While I was sick, they announced the 30-day paleo challenge and it is SUPER hardcore, more so than I anticipated.  In order to participate, you had to do a fitness challenge before it begins and then on Day 30.  I did mine today.  It was:

500 m row
as many reps as possible of each in 2 minutes (with 5 minute rest between):

soo happy after today's WOD!
Squats Sit ups
Push Ups
Pull ups
and then a 1 mile run

Before I even go over my results I have to say that I was super freaked out to even go into the gym.  I know I have been working hard and blah blah blah but the truth is, I am still by far the fattest person at the gym.. and it was PACKED today.  I actually drove by the gym once and called Jason for a pep talk.  I finally worked up the nerve to go in was great.  Everyone was super nice.  A few people came up to me and mentioned my blog....I don't know why I got so worried..I mean what am I afraid people are going to do, point and laugh at me??

Okay sooo here's the work out.... I got my BEST time for the 500m row - 1:57!!  My fastest before was 2:06 and before that 2:31!  Woo hoo!  The others were not so impressive but I seriously gave it my all so I'm happy with it:

Squats (I used a bench) - 24
Sit ups - 36
Push Ups (I did lay on ground and then lift myself up) - 8
Pull ups (jumping) - 21

And then the run...I didn't think I would be able to finish....but I did...even though I had to stop and walk a bit - I am sooo proud of my time of a little less than 12 minutes!

Okay, so I was about to cry because I was nervous going in and then I was about to cry because I was so happy to be there at the end of the was an emotional day at Geaux Crossfit for me! my family and I celebrated my birthday which isn't until Thursday.  But the Paleo Challenge starts on June 1 and I really wanted a birthday cake.  So my fabulous mum made me a gluten free, flourless chocolate cake!  It was sooo good!  And I don't feel guilty.  I think it is okay to have these little cheats, especially when I know that in two days I am starting the strict paleo challenge!

I am so happy to be back!  It was miserable being sick - with each day that passed, I was more and more afraid that this was it.  My drive to get healthy was more Crossfit.  But I was WRONG!  I am just so thankful to have found Geaux Crossfit.  If they weren't doing this challenge, I am afraid I would have gotten more and more lenient on my diet.  Once again, this gym has helped me refocus my life just in the nick of time!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

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  1. UGH, I feel you pain with that sinus infection! I started coming down with one a couple days ago, and it's going to keep me out of the gym until I feel better =(
    Also, Conrad's camp schedule and my hectic work schedule on top of being sick right now are really messing up exercise.
    I'll be happy if I can get a couple GCF workouts in before I leave for LA... I told everyone in my family that I plan on hitting at least 1 workout at CFLA too so hopefully when I get back (mid-June) I can get back on track!