Monday, May 2, 2011

Days 39 - 43 and weigh in Number 6

Well, I made it through my trip to DC.  I will not go into full details but I will say that I am proud of myself.  On Thursday morning, I got up early and dragged my sister in law to the gym.  We used the treadmill where I ran for a mile...for the first time in my life!  And then we did all the weight machines.

That night we went out for Indian food to this GREAT place called Heritage India.  They had a regular menu but also a street food/tapas menu.  I was able to get four different little plates that all seemed very Paleo - mostly meat, no sugar or dairy....lots of seasoning.  It was totally delicious.  For me, the highlight was a mango chicken salad.  it had balsamic vinegar drizzled on it and thinly sliced raw asparagus.  It was totally amazing and most certainly not something I would have tried before Day 1.  I admit that it was difficult to avoid the naan but I managed.  After that we walked for what seemed like 30 blocks (thanks to my fabulous colleague from TN..Kim L.) to a Dean and Daluca bakery.  As we walked I tried to convince myself that I had burned enough calories to eat something yummy.  When we got there, I even asked if they had anything gluten free - they had an amazing looking flourless chocolate cake that probably would have put me in a coma...I didn't go through with it.  I treated myself to a small square of extra dark chocolate.  It was great and I still felt good after eating it!  Ooh..they had so many amazing looking baked goods.  I needed to get out of there ASAP!

The only meal that I really felt like I cheated at was the last dinner - on Saturday night.  We went to this restaurant in Alexandria called Rustico that served a gluten free pizza made with chickpea crust.  I ordered it and didn't expect much - I kind of thought it would taste disgusting.  But it didn't - the crust was amazing.  I have actually looked up some chickpea crust recipes since Friday night and may try to replicate it at home when I am really needing some pizza.  After we left the restaurant, we walked to a bakery next door called Buzz and they had one vanilla gluten free cupcake with chocolate frosting left and I decided to get it.  I was not disappointed.  It really was perfect.  I wouldn't have been disappointed even if I could eat gluten.

So...there you have it.  My big cheat.  And you know what?  I really am at peace with my eating decisions. has caused me a set back as far as my weight loss goes but I am proud to say that I ate Paleo on Sunday and got up this morning and was working out a Geaux Crossfit while most people I know were still in bed.

Sooo today feels like I am back into my old routine and I am so happy!  I went to work out and Amber was there instead of Catherine.  I have pretty much only worked out with Catherine and was super nervous (which amber could probably tell by my senseless babbling...i couldn't stop).  There were two other people there - Grant, who is super strong and always does an impressive workout and Liz.  I think this was Liz's second time at Geaux Crossfit.  She really did an amazing job.  I am so proud to say that in the 1 hour we worked out, I was able to watch her conquer a fear!  At the beginning of the work out she didn't feel comfortable performing a 20 inch box jump.  Who can blame her?  It looks soo hard!  But, at the end of the work, she did it!  She was totally amazing and strong and fabulous!  Okay so here's the WOD for today:

I really did miss this sweatiness
Workout of the DayFront Squat 3-3-3
-Squat Cleans (95/65)
-Box Jumps

I did regular squats instead of squat cleans and I stepped up instead of doing box jumps.  And after my workout...seriously AFTER the WOD....I did 500m on the rowing machine....and reached my FASTEST Time!!!  I did it in fastest before was 2:09 and before that was 2:31!!  I am sooo excited!

For breakfast I had some stewed beef that I made with cauliflower and tomatoes and lots of garlic and some ground beef with salsa and guacamole leftover from Kelly Ps dinner.  For lunch, Kelly P. made some paleo beef and veggie soup that was totally delicious!

For dinner I had a very basic and spicy stir fry with beef and chicken and lots of veggies. for the weigh in - Sundays are always my days and I do it as soon as I get up.  Since I was still out of town I wasn't able to do it until Sunday evening after I got back to Baton Rouge.  According to the scales I.......stayed the same.  I really am okay with it.  When I left for DC i guess I wasn't totally trusting myself but for the whole trip I felt in control of what I was eating.... I am just so happy to be back and ready for Week 7!


  1. great job, bethany! sounds like you are truly on a path to a lifestyle change rather than 'on a diet'. and that's great. you allowed yourself a couple of things that were not in the norm but you stuck to it the rest of the time and even got up to go to the gym on vaca! bravo!!! you are my hero. maybe i'll go work out on my next vaca...if i ever have one ;D

  2. I'm glad you're back!

    PSST. Find me on Facebook (Meghan Leigh Ramos). I have a reallyreally good coconut flour pizza crust recipe on there that you'll probably LOVE.