Sunday, May 8, 2011

Days 48 and 49 aka Weigh in Number 7! And Mother's Day!

It's been two days since I posted my minor (okay..a little more than minor) mental breakdown aka feel sorry for me post.  I am already feeling better, more focused, and ready to move on with the last 11 days of Month 2.  Of course, there were a few major events that have helped me get over my pity party.

Grilling some meat!

Happy Birthday Luke!

Yesterday was Luke's birthday party and I really had not problem keeping away from the non-paleo food.  Jason grilled some burgers and hot dogs and my mum made an AMAZING cake - she is sooo talented.  I am so thankful for her because she followed my wishes and made a yellow cake with white frosting so I had no problems staying away.  I have no willpower over chocolate but can, even after 48 days, easily say no to vanilla.  The kids had a great time though - Luke was very excited...especially about his cake!

Happy Mom's Day!

Paleo a NO

We are originally from the Boston area and, now that we are living in South Louisiana, having Maine lobster is a real treat.   So on Saturday night we decided to celebrate Mother's Day early with some boiled lobsters and grilled steak.  I found a recipe online for Paleo bread that involved coconut flour and coconut oil so I decided to give it a try...I sliced it up and took a big bite was was way to dense and I had a feeling it would feel like lead sinkers in my stomach.  Everything else was great though and, with leftover vanilla cake on the menu for dessert, I was able to stay paleo.  The hardest thing for me to resist was the garlic bread my mum made - I could eat some garlic bread.  If I could only choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, garlic bread would be at the top of my list....

Before the Mother's Day festivities began I knew I had to face the scale for Weigh in Day Number 7.  I got on the scale and......drum roll...I have lost a total of 28 pounds!!  That is so insane!  As Jason pointed out, it's just a little less than what my four year old weighs!!  It was a GREAT way to start out Mother's Day!

Jason made me a delicious Mother's Day (paleo) breakfast - and we ate outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I got the best Mother's Day gifts a gal could ask for - my parents surprised me with a dehydrator!  I can't wait to start making paleo friendly treats with it!  And Jason got me a gift card to my two favorite places - Kohls and Barnes and Noble!  Yay!

We went to Disney on Ice in the afternoon and then Jason took the kids home and my mum and I went shopping!  It is a rare treat to go shopping without any children complaining or wandering off or wanting to be carried...I decided to get a new outfit in the hopes that it would perk me up some.  I didn't know what I wanted to I went to the dressing room with 15 items - shirts, dresses, and pants.  AND they were ALL too big!  Every single thing I tried on!  Now that is crazy because the last time I was at Kohls they didn't have anything that fit me.  Seriously, not one thing was big enough.  I actually shed a few tears in the dressing room the last time I was there.  This time when I went to try things on I, as always, just grabbed the biggest size they had for each item.  Now, I am not saying that I am out of the Plus size section...but to go from having NOTHING fit to not needing the largest size is a really big thing for me.  It helps me get focused again - seriously...I have not been able to purchase something that wasn't "plus" since high school (an I am talking freshman year only) and I really think I am on the right track. has only been 7 weeks!!

Breakfast was soo good and I ate so much that I actually didn't get hungry again until around 4:00pm.  The one good thing about the yucky paleo bread I made was the fact that one of the ingredients was a little bit of coconut milk - which means Jason was forced to make some green curry with the rest of it!  I had mine without rice..and it was delicious!!  Soooo goood!  A great meal to the end of great weekend.

These next three days are going to be tough - I am so thankful that Kelly P. will also be with me.  We are doing a lot of traveling for work, including an overnight at the beautiful Hodges Gardens State Park.  Tomorrow we are in New Orleans, Tuesday Ruston and Wednesday Leesville.  I am thrilled to be able to spend time with our amazing constituents but I know how hard traveling can be when trying to follow paleo.  Kelly P. told me she was bringing a cooler of paleo friendly foods and I think I will do the same.   But traveling means I will not be able to go to my beloved Geaux Crossfit.  I will have to check out their website to get ideas for WOD I can do while on the road.

On to Week 8!!

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  1. AMAZING PROGRESS!!!! You're an inspiration