Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Days 50, 51 and 52 aka on the road

Well, I have been on the road for work for the last three days.  On Monday, we headed out super early for a meeting in New Orleans.  That meant no Geaux Crossfit.  When I woke up I really wasn't hungry and just had a coffee with some coconut milk and, later on, some raw macadamia nuts.

The meeting go over around 1:00pm and Kelly P and had done our homework for lunch.  We had to get something to go so we could be back in Baton Rouge by 3:00pm but did not want to do fast food.  On the Internet we found a place called Juan's Flying Burrito where we could order Paleo friendly.  I got a taco salad (without cheese, sour cream, or tortilla chips, or dressing and add avocado) and it was DELICIOUS!  The only thing non paleo about it was the corn....not bad at all!  I can't help to think about what I would have gotten before Day 1 - queso and chips would have definitely been involved.  Then I would have gotten a burrito with cheese and sour cream...I would have eaten until I felt sick... That was just 51 days ago!!  Yuck the thought of it now makes me a little sick...well, not the food itself - I would LOVE some queso right now but the fact that I would eat until I felt sick.  Why did I do that to myself???

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get in a WOD until Thursday because of work.  Luckily, we were able to leave a little bit later on Tuesday so I could go!  The WOD was:
Workout of the DayBack Squat 5-5-5
10 Minute AMRAP
-5 Pull Ups
-5 Knees to Elbows
-5 Slam Balls

AMRAPS (as many reps as possible) are my favorite because everyone ends at the same time.  When you have to do a certain set of exercises for time I feel like I am often the last one done and everyone is staring at me...not my favorite situation.

Sooo...this WOD was modified for me because I cannot do knees to elbows so I did sit ups instead.  In the 10 minutes I finished over 8 reps!  I was only two slam balls away from doing 9!  I felt really good about my time.  After the WOD was done I did 500 m.

Okay so Tuesday was also really significant for me because I.....completed my first goal!  At Geaux Crossfit the have a white board up where you can write your goals and I have two - one was to run 400 m (twice around the building) without stopping...I did it!!!  I am so excited!  It was so strange.  When I started running it was almost like I knew even before I made my first lap - I felt focused and kinda in the "zone."  I think I could have done 600m if my shoe hadn't come untied.....  my second goal is to do one unassisted pull up.  It may sound easy but it really isn't.  I think my goal date is August so I have awhile to work on it.

Sooo on Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent time in Monroe, Ruston, Natchitoches, Hodges Gardens State Park (which is beautiful and has fabulous cabins), Leesville, and some great rural communities in between.  I had to eat all of my meals at restaurants that my colleagues all agreed on including one in Natchitoches that has the best fried green tomatoes and crab cakes a girl could ask for (I had steak and steamed veggies no butter) and I didn't stray from Paleo at all!  It is getting easier and easier for me to order what I know will make me feel best (like NOT the balsamic vinaigrette but plain old olive oil and vinegar and NOT a steak drenched in butter as most are served but a plain steak so that I can add some salt and pepper if need be).

So for the next few days I am home which means I go to the gym in the mornings and prepare my own food.  This weekend will be spent in Natchitoches with my brother, sister in law, mum and Abby and Lucas but I feel pretty confident that everyone knows what I can and cannot eat....i.e no kolaches or natchitoches meat pies for me.... :(

So tomorrow is the gym.  The folks at Geaux Crossfit are talking about doing a strict 30 day paleo challenge.  They haven't given us all the details but I am ready!  Hopefully it will start around the time that I have to choose weather or not to go forward with all of this and complete days 61 - 90!!  It would be great incentive especially since I love competition....

I know it is a bit sick of me to be this excited because I got to do the WOD....


  1. looking great bethany! seriously, this pic of you compared to the one after your first can tell a difference. so very happy for you and proud of you that you're sticking with it and seeing such tremendous results. if nothing else, you seem to be feeling better and better and that's what it's about. way to go!

  2. AMRAPs are my fav as well since I get freaked out by the prospect of being the last one working on a WOD. That taco salad looks yummy!