Sunday, May 15, 2011

Days 53, 54, 55, 56 aka Last Weekend of Month 2!!!

Friday was a GREAT day!  It seems that days are much better when they begin with a good workout!  The WOD was:

Complete and Total Exhaustion.
Workout of the DayDeadlift - 1 heavy set of 5 reps
-Push Press (115/75)
-Slam Balls

It was a tough one but I felt so strong afterwards.  When I am saying tough, I mean my body was absolutely exhausted.

Geaux Crossfit was showcased on our local news channel - I am so proud!!!

There is another reason why Friday was so good - what I had been waiting and hoping for ( i know, it makes me sound really, really shallow) happened!  Someone told me that I looked different and they couldn't quite put a finger on why.  Instead of playing it cool I practically shouted that I had lost 28 pounds!!  I was so excited!

My mum and I took the kids to Natchitoches this weekend to visit my brother and sister in law. I tried to stick to my diet but did end up eating a gluten free brownie.........  :(  Why do I do this to myself?  I mean, I worked so hard all week and have been so proud of myself.  But then I just don't have the will power to say no sometimes....I just can't do it.

next time, hold the crust!
We decided that on Saturday night we would make pizza - I made a paleo friendly pizza with coconut crust.  I really was hoping it would be delicious but it just wasn't.  I know many people love it....I have just decided that, when I am craving pizza, I need to get all the toppings together - peppers, onions, ground beef, garlic and tomato sauce and eat it with a spoon.

When I got home from Natchitoches, I decided that I had to prepare food for the week so I would have no excuses to eat non-paleo food.  I searched Barnes and Noble on my Nook for a paleo cookbook and they had one for 99 cents!  I read it on Saturday night and (as usual) didn't exactly follow a recipe but was "inspired" by one.  Now I know that olives aren't strict paleo but I think, after rinsed with water, they are least for me.  You would be amazed at how much debate about olives being paleo you can find on the Internet...sooo.I made an olive and chicken dish with diced tomatoes, onions, lots and lots of garlic, green and red peppers and zucchini.  I cooked it all together on low heat for a really long time.  It was hard for me to save it for the week and not eat it for dinner tonight (we are grilling some steaks). 

I am going to the beach next weekend for a little girls weekend and I plan to be much more prepared.  I already bought a skirt steak to grill and slice up before I leave so I will have something to eat for breakfast.  Amber, one of the fabulous trainers, took a photo of her cooler she packed for a road trip and  put it on the Geaux Crossfit website - it has given me some other ideas I plan to replicate.

Sooo....I feel like this is going to be a good week.  I plan to be at the gym tomorrow morning for the 6am workout.  I am a little nervous because Catherine won't be at the morning workout and neither will Amber.  Johnny the owner (and ex Navy Seal..yikes!!) will be there and I have never worked out with him..... I got some new sneakers to break in though and I am eager to try them out!


  1. The crustless pizza idea is yummy. I like to get it when my family wants junk food (Cici's Pizza). They put tomato sauce and whatever toppings you want in a disposable foil pan, then pop it in the oven. So good!

  2. Aww, sorry to hear the crust wasn't what you were hoping for! Maybe it was just super amazing because I made it a breakfast pizza? Oh well!