Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Days 44 and 45 aka halfway through my second 30 day commitment!

Yesterday was tough...I don't know why but I just was not feeling the paleo love.  I was having one of those I just don't want to do it anymore days....I allowed myself to wallow a bit in my misery but I did not allow myself to go off paleo.  I am sure it has to do with just coming back from DC and my big cheat dinner full of gluten free goodness.  I also wanted to go to Geaux Crossfit yesterday and woke up with too many aches and pains from my Monday workout....

So that was I TOTALLY felt in the groove. I headed to Geaux Crossfit and got an extra special workout with Amber AND Catherine!  How amazing is that?  there were five of us and two trainers... it was great.  The WOD for today was:

soooo exhausted after my morning workout!
Workout of the Day
Press 3-3-3
-Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (115/75)
-V Ups

I didn't do as heavy as it says and I did not do V Ups - I did sit ups in place of them.  I did find a good You Tube video to demonstrate was a Sumo Dead Lift High Pull is - I tried to explain it to my colleagues and don't think I did a very good job..I was in the achy pain that means I had a good workout and worked my body as hard as I could all day today..I love that (even if I walk around like an old lady).

As for eating today, I felt in the paleo zone.  I have decided to start a paleo list....One that starts off:

You Know You're Paleo when:
1. you wake up at 5 a.m. craving a burger covered in guacamole and spicy salsa.

It is just so not me - I felt like my body was craving all the right foods today.  I spoke with Amber after my workout.  She follows paleo and has done a lot of research on it.  She has a really good understanding about how and what you should be eating during the day.  I couldn't quite remember what she had told me (because I had just worked out and could pretty much only hear the sound of my own heartbeat) but I could not stop thinking about it.  I know that she talked about when to eat or not to eat fats and carbs.  I am still not eating until after my workout.  I go to the gym from 6 - 7am and end up eating breakfast between 8:30am and 9am.  I finally emailed Amber halfway through the day...I really want to know how to eat best so I can choose my food wisely.  This morning as I ate a breakfast of lean turkey and sliced apples, Kelly P. and I looked up the amount of sugar (in grams) for different fruit.  Yikes is all I got to say.  I know that I have been feeling like I won't feel badly about eating fruit but I think, that to maintain my blood sugars and feel my best, I may have to ween myself off of the sugary goodness I have been enjoying.

For lunch I had that burger that I woke up craving along with some summer squash that Kelly P made.  It was sooo good!  I didn't end up eating dinner until close to 7:00pm because I was still full.  Usually I eat at 8:45 am breakfast/11:45am lunch and 5:45pm dinner.  I am curious to find out what Amber thinks...I know that some people who follow the Paleo diet actually fast for some meals.  I am not sure that it is for me but I still cannot get over how much I have cut down on my snacking.  I rarely get hungry between meals!  It is so opposite of how I've felt before when I was trying to "eat healthy."

This morning Catherine asked me if I felt stronger since I started working out.  I am stronger in so many ways and my energy level is so much better.  Sometimes I will go to scratch my arm or something and don't even recognize the feel of my own body - I can actually feel some muscles...craziness!  I know that I am barely even beginning to lose the weight I need to but I am so happy that I am doing it and getting stronger at the same time.  I am actually looking forward to weigh in on Sunday!

I do have a few upcoming events that are making me nervous before then though.   Tomorrow I head to the very lovely town of Arnaudville, LA for a work event.  After the event, the mayor of this fabulous town is cooking my colleagues and I lunch...which is so kind and wonderful but I am scared of what the menu will be  - folks in rural Louisiana can usually cook really delicious food that is hard to resist...and often times not paleo friendly.  It's so difficult to be in these social situations where I don't feel comfortable whipping out a packed lunch or just not eating but I don't want to blow the diet either...then Friday is state employee appreciation day and our lt. governor is treating us to an ice cream social.  That is such an amazing treat and I am sure it will be a good opportunity to socialize with my great colleagues but ice cream is truly one of my major is so good...but sooo bad.  On Friday Luke will turn two and we are taking the kids to a carnival at a church near our house.  Ummmm...carnival food...can it get any better?  or worse??  Saturday is Luke's birthday party and we are grilling up some good food but will also be serving cake and ice cream.  My mum, who is the best baker I know, is making the cake and it will be hard to resist.  I keep asking her to make vanilla cake with vanilla frosting because I can resist that easier than chocolate.  Sunday is Mother's Day that traditionally includes a day of binge eating all of my favorite foods (and feeling sick because of it).  So I know it will be a different celebration than the usual Mother's Day.

Phew!  It is crazy to actually type all of the events that are making me nervous between now and weigh in day.  There is just always something....I hope I remain in this pro-paleo and pro-healthy attitude of today and not go back to my feeling sorry for myself attitude of yesterday.  I guess only time will tell. 


  1. OK - I'm not advocating replacing one bad treat with another, but if you're ever desperate for ice cream, THIS is a godsend and won't mess you up w/ dairy.

  2. I recently joined CrossFit and found a link to your blog on their website. I have been lurking and reading your posts, and I look forward to meeting you in a class soon! I'll introduce myself as the weird lady who follows your blog1 :)