Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60 aka WEIGH IN Number 8 and End of Month 2!

I lost a Lucas plus 3 pounds!!!
DDrrrummmmm Rolllll....I have lost a total of 32 POUNDS!!  That is how much my 2 year old weighs!!  Seriously?  I have lost a Lucas!  That is insane to me!!  I am sooo excited!! 

On Monday, I headed to the gym knowing that Johnny the owner of Geaux Crossfit would be the person there since Amber and Catherine had other commitments.  I was nervous - I had never had a male trainer, no less an ex Navy SEAL....but it was great!  He, like Amber and Cat, pushed me to do my best and encouraged me throughout the workout.  I cannot express enough about the feeling of community at Geaux Crossfit.  While there seems to be some friendly competition to get the best time, when it comes down to it, everyone is encouraging everyone else to do their best.  I just feel so lucky to have found this gym!  I really have never had this success rate losing rate while feeling like it isn't a huge struggle.  Now I am working super hard and my body is being exercised to it's limit....and of course I miss some of the foods that used to be my best friends, (aka brownies, ice cream, nachos, etc...) especially after a tough day at work.  But I feel good about everything - I am rarely hungry and have more will power than ever before....okay soooo...the WOD on Monday still has my body was:

shoulder injury
Workout of the DayFront Squat 3-3-3
3 Rounds for time:
-10 Burpees
-20 Pull Ups
-30 Slam Balls
-400m Run
I see London, I see France...

Instead of 10 burpees I did 20 sit ups.  This was one of the workouts that brought me back to Day 1.  It was a struggle to get through, I almost puked, and I feel as sore as after that first workout.  My shoulder was killing me on Tuesday and I spent most of the day icing it.  Luckily it felt better by Wednesday so I could go back to the gym!  The WOD on Wednesday was pretty brutal too but I had a really good time....because my pants split!  The thing is, these 8 weeks have probably been the longest stretch I have gone exercising regularly.  Therefore, I haven't had much need to buy new workout clothes.  I think I have had them since Johnny was helping me work on my squats and getting low and...they tore.  And each time I did a squat (45 in all) I could hear it ripping a bit more....the worst part was that between each set of squats, I had to do pull ups.  There is no hiding a big tear in your pants when you are doing pull ups...sooo my time was super good because I had to push through it!!  hahahaha  The WOD on Wednesday was:

Workout of the Day3-3-3 Planks
For Time:
-500m row
—Thrusters (95/65)
—Pull Ups
-500m Row

Thrusters are basically squats with a barbell involved...that last 500 meter row was a killer for me!  Between Monday and Wednesday's workout, I can barely walk...I feel like my walk makes me look like I have been riding a horse for a really long legs are sore!

Breakfast, Paleo Style

Sooo..I feel like I have been eating pretty strict paleo.  I have stayed away from fruit these last couple of weeks and can certainly see the difference in my weight loss.  I have no had any majors setbacks.  This weekend is a girls weekend away and we are going to Biloxi for two nights...I am a bit nervous about that.  I plan to pack a cooler of food and do my best.  For us though a girls weekend usually means some binge eating involving lots of sweets and lots of salty foods..... at least the rest of the time will probably be spent at the beach or pool in my bathing suit which is great incentive to stay on the plan.

I have to work early on Friday which means no WOD... :( I will at least make up for the cardio portion on Sunday when I join some friends at work for a 5K walk!

Okay so I have committed to continuing on this path until July 1 which is when I have an appt with my endocrinologist - he did full blood work right when I started - testing, glucose, cholesterol, etc....and we will do the comparison one then...which will be about 4 months of paleo/crossfit.
There are some things I need to do better though:

List of Improvements to Make During Month 3
1. drink more water
2. do not drink my beloved diet coke
3. do cardio on my non-crossfit days
4. try out more paleo recipes

I cannot believe Month Three is already beginning!!  I hope Geaux Crossfit starts their 30 day paleo challenge soon!!

Note to self: Tomorrow (thursday) is actually Day 60 but I have Abby's gymnastics showcase AND packing for the girl's weekend so I am posting a day early.  :)


  1. wooohoooo! way to go bethany! very excited for you and i, of course, have complete faith in your ability to stay on the bandwagon while you're having your girl's weekend. you did so well on your trip to DC, you should be proud of yourself, and avoiding that meal on business that sounded like the most delicious and evil sandwiches ever...sainthood. you'll do just fine and i'm so happy for the results you're seeing. but really, most of all, i'm really thrilled about how you seem to be feeling better (physically).

  2. Yay Cousin!! You are such a rock star! Lucas is a big boy, so to think you lost him in weight? that's amazing!! You will do great this weekend. I'm not sure who you are going with, but I'm sure they will support you and help you stay on track (they'd better!). So proud of you xoxox