Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Days 36, 37, and 38 aka a week without Crossfit and Paleo while travelling

It is Wednesday night and I have not been to a gym since last Friday...I feel awful, horrible, terrible about it.  As each day passes I get more and more paranoid that my journey is over.  I am done.  It's time to sign off and move on...go back to my old self - uncomfortable in my clothes, eating what I want, feeling sick all the time......seriously, it really does scare me!

I planned to go to the gym on Monday morning, just like any other week.  But, I knew I would be out of town for work on Weds. through Sun. and Abby begged me to not to go in the morning...she came into my bedroom and asked if we could cuddle...she's on spring break this week and I was already feeling horrible for being in DC for most of it.  So I caved, promising myself I would Tuesday.  Then Tuesday came around and I still didn't go - I stayed up late the night before....I wanted to spend more time with the kids in the morning..I have so many excuses but, at the same time, I have no excuse.

Moving on to Wednesday - I had a flight our of New Orleans at 6:00am requiring me to get up at 3:15 am...definitely no exercising today.  I don't know what happened.  I have been so nervous about travel and the diet and exercise and, before I even left, I pretty much blew it for the week.

Tomorrow is Thursday - I am DC...if I didn't need such modified workouts, I would find a Crossfit gym to go hotel doesn't have a gym, but, they give out free passes to Bally.  My fabulous sister in law, Erin, who is accompanying me on this trip, has graciously agreed to head there tomorrow morning after we woke up.  I must do it or I will feel very disappointed in myself.  Seriously, five days of no GeauxCrossfit?  There is no good excuse...none.

chicken vindaloo - thumbs up!
Okay..on to the things I have been doing right.  Both Monday and Tuesday were great eating days for me.  On Monday night Jason made an AMAZING Paleo pork vindaloo...I really do not think I could be successful if it wasn't for coconut milk.  Thank God for coconut milk.  On Tuesday I made a paleo friendly marinade for some steaks and Jason grilled them up....they were perfect.

paleo airport breakfast
I have been really nervous about travelling and eating right...especially in the airport.  I packed some nuts and seeds but, since I was up at 3:00am..I was starving by the time I got to the airport.  I weighed my options and actually think I did pretty good.  I got scrambled eggs with peppers and onions and some bacon.  My layover was in Atlanta and I am not going to lie. I literally had to run by the Dunkin Donuts - I am originally from Massachusetts and theres a Dunkin Donuts on every corner...I LOVE Dunkin Donuts...there are none in Baton Rouge so when I am around one, believe me, I usually partake in at least an Iced Coffee (medium regular) and a few donuts (jelly sticks..I love jelly sticks).  Sooo...I ran.  I ran away from the temptation.  I am just not strong enough to go there and get an unsweetened iced tea (which I got at Starbucks, a couple stores down from Dunkin Donuts).

I was starving on the flight from Atlanta to DC but luckily a handful of raw macadamia nuts did the trick.  By the time we got to our hotel it was lunch time.  We went out for Thai and I got the coconut milk soup...yum. and the basil chicken..yum.  The meal was delicious and it did not make me sick.  I avoided the rice, which, in theory, I could have because it is gluten free (but not paleo friendly).  Catherine's voice went through my head..."it won't make you sick, but it will make you fat."  I stayed away.

Paleo pork bowl at Chipotle...amazing
We are staying in a hotel room that happens to have a small kitchenette.  Erin, a vegetarian, and I headed to Trader Joes where I got some snacks including nitrate and gluten free turkey and carrot sticks for me.  While I went to a meeting that had delicious looking refreshments - a wall of different kinds of cupcakes, rice crispie treats, various chips, lemonade with all kinds of fruit mixers - Erin did some Internet research to find us a place to eat that had vegetarian and paleo options.  We ended up at Chipotle, a sort of fast food Mexican restaurant that only serves "food with integrity" and has an amazing nutrition guide on their website.  I knew exactly what to get that was gluten and dairy free and it was DELICIOUS.  I had the burrito bowl and I really, really wish we had this restaurant in Baton Rouge.  Since I moved there in 2002 I have been complaining that there is no Dunkin Donuts but now I will be complaining there is no Chipotle. 

There is a free continental breakfast included at our hotel and I am pretty sure they will have nothing for me.  I have already planned it out - I will go to Bally's tomorrow morning and then head to the Subway near the hotel to get a turkey salad with oil and vinegar...I will head to our continental breakfast and get a hard boiled egg to cut up in it and then, if needed, I can add some of my Trader Joes turkey.  Lunch and dinner will probably be with some of my fabulous colleagues from across the state so I can't quite plan those meals out...but so far so good!

And I WILL be at the gym tomorrow or else I will be living with the guilt I have felt since Monday - yuck!
Sister in law Erin and I have made it to DC!

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  1. Please remember, Bethany: if you were driving and turned the wrong way, you wouldn't keep going. You would stop and turn around and go back to the road you knew was correct.

    You can do it!