Monday, April 18, 2011

DAY 29 DONE! was a lllloooonnngggg one....

After a less than perfect night  of sleep I got up and arrived at the gym a little before 6:00am...I don't know why but for some reason I felt like I was in the "zone" during this workout .  I was determined to give it at least 100%.  This was my last Crossfit workout during my 30 day challenge.  I had mentioned on Geaux Crossfit's website that this week I would work on running.  Sooo..after my WOD, I decided to run my jelly legs around the building..actually, my plan was to run for maybe 1/4 of it and then briskly walk for the rest.  Catherine, however, had other plans and decided to join me for this run...and I DID IT!  I am so happy she pushed me to really run it...soo here is the WOD:

Workout of the Day3-3-3 Back Squat
15 Minute AMRAP
-10 Thrusters (95/65)
-5 Pull Ups

My modified version was 10 thrusters using a PVC pipe instead of weights and 5 jumping pull ups.  I did 8 reps plus 7 thrusters!  I am sooo excited!

emergency cashew butter
 Sooo..the rest of the day I pretty much felt blah.  I don't know why..I really couldn't bring myself to eat breakfast.  Then, around 1030ish I started to feel really lightheaded.  Luckily Kelly P. had given me an emergency serving of cashew butter which I ate on a spoon...I felt better after that; not 100% but at least not like I was going to pass out.

Delicious!...on a good day..
At lunchtime, I still didn't feel well enough really to eat - I had a DELICIOUS pork chop that Jason had grilled the night before and some paleo friendly chicken apple sausage...I added a side of green beans and, normally, this would be a favorite meal for wasn't though.  I just couldn't get over feeling kind of yucky.

At about 3, I had that lightheaded feeling again and decided to eat another pork chop...that lasted me until I got home. 

Mmmm.Thanks Mum!
My AMAZING and FABULOUS mother seems to know when I need a little TLC..or, in this case, something yummy to eat.  She made some delicious coconut crusted chicken breast..yum!!  I brought it home and whipped up some honey mustard sauce..(why is the stuff you buy in the store filled of so many bad things like corn syrup??) It was so nice to "dip" something that seemed breaded!!!  What a treat!  I managed to eat entire chicken breast - the most I ate all day.  It really was exactly what I needed.  I hate to say it but Day 29, to me, felt like a near breaking point of some sort....I am getting stuck in a rut and need to start finding some more recipes before I burn out...I at least got to make it for 24 more hours and finish Day 30!!  One more day to go!!!!


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  1. Hi Bethany!
    A friend of mine who lives in Houston has been telling me about Cross-fit. So today I called Geaux Cross-fit and they told me about you. I am always so shy and self conscious about working out in a gym around all those skinny people. And I really do not know many people here in the area to work out with. You are truly inspirational and I hope I get to meet you if and when I decide to get up the nerve to join. Bless you for being you!!!