Sunday, April 17, 2011

Days 26, 27 and 28...the weekend away

Let me start by saying I cannot believe I only have two days left!  I actually had to go back to previous entries and count the days....time is flying by!

Jason and I went away for our 5 year anniversary and I left the computer at I will try my best to recount the 72 hours.

Friday's WOD was was so crazy that I pretty much did something completely different..I had to do AMRAP (as many reps as possible...LOVE the lingo!) in 15 minutes:
15 sit ups
15 back extensions
15 kettle ball lifts

I did all exercises three times and sit ups 4 times...that is 60 SIT UPS!!

I don't remember Friday breakfast but for lunch I went to Truly Free Bakery.  I actually left the Paleo diet for a bit and got their pizza with no soy cheese.  It had turkey, chicken and ham and was DELICIOUS!  Unfortunately, just when i was about done I pretty much knew I was allergic to one of the ingredients... I won't go into details but even 5 hours later when Jason and I were driving to our getaway, I still felt crappy... Catherine (my fabulous trainer at Geaux CrossFit said it was probably soy in the crust because it is common for people to have issues with both gluten and soy.

I emailed the restaurant and they emailed me back almost immediately...they were SOOO helpful and told me that there was indeed soy in the crust.  They gave me a list of their foods with soy and without soy and told me to make sure the waitress knows of my problem with soy so that she can help me...they also said that just about anything can be made without soy if I special order it.  How great is that?  I mean great that they are so accommodating but it makes me real sad to find another food problem I have...seriously...the list of foods I CAN eat is getting smaller and smaller...,,

So we went away for our anniversary and stayed in a cottage that had a kitchen.  For our Friday night dinner we ate totally Paleo - steak (i made the marinade) cauliflower "cous cous" and asparagus.  It was really delicious...Saturday morning breakfast was tough for me...included in our stay is a breakfast in our cottage - there are delicious muffins and croissants, cereal, juice and pretty much the opposite of what I can eat.  I brought eggs and bacon and ate that but it was tough...with Jason sitting next to me eating fresh out of the oven croissants and a chocolate muffin for dessert.

We spent much of Saturday outdoors, wandering through gardens, hiking in the woods...just enjoying the great weather.  Like a true Louisianan, the fabulous weather made Jason crave some spicy crawfish and beer.  We stopped at the local seafood shop/gas station and got a couple pounds...crawfish isn't really my thing and I was going to get some food at the Subway but decided it would be safer for me to go back to our cottage and make myself a paleo taco salad.

Our plans were to cook dinner in the cottage too but my fabulous parents surprised us with a certificate to have dinner at the Myrtles.  They had gone there a few months ago and said the steaks were great.  I called to make a reservation and ask if they could serve me gluten free and  the chef said yes!  I was sooo excited!  I also decided that, since it was our anniversary, I was going to be okay with ordering some non-paleo food like garlic mashed potatoes with extra butter....when we got there though I changed my mind.  I ordered a steak with green beans and a side salad with oil and vinegar instead of dressing.  Of course when it came, they forgot about the non potatoes and they were loaded onto my plate..I reluctantly sent it back.... they returned with a side salad in it's place.  I added a little olive oil and lots of vinegar and took a big bite...and..the vinegar...was rancid.  Totally disappointing!  I won't go into anymore details but will say that the restaurant did not handle the situation well and we will never return to eat there.  I mean NEVER.  It was a horrible experience.  Ugh.

So we got back to the cottage and, I admit, I was grumpy.  I was still hungry and annoyed that I couldn't just go through a drive thru like I would have 28 days ago....luckily I had packed some raw cashews and ate that.

Sunday breakfast was really tough.  Dinner the night before was not at all satisfying and I did not want eggs again.  I ended up eating a slice of ham while Jason ate FOUR croissants with butter and jelly on them.  Not fair!

It was a tough weekend food wise but really a lovely celebration of five years of  marriage.....walks in the gardens and scrabble in bed, what more could we ask for???

I'll have a side of meat with my meat please!
After having a little breakdown in the car on the way home....(while explaining to Jason how tough this food thing is for me) I felt ready to prepare for the rest of the week so I headed to Whole Foods to get the stuff I couldn't find anywhere else and then headed to Albertsons.....Tonight we grilled chicken and pork chops and paleo friendly chicken sausage so I have no excuses to finish out the 30 days of Paleo!
This was the toughest weekend was EXTREMELY emotional for me... still...celebration = food for me.  I was on "vacation" and wanted to take a break from everything, including Paleo...I made it through though....sure I shed a few tears along the way..was a little upset mentally..but physically I felt great.  My stomach didn't bother me..there was no cramping.  I am proud of myself....and ready to make it till the end - two more days!!  I have decided to hold off two days for the weigh in and do it on Day 30!

I love spending time with Jason...being dorks together...watching everyone else take serious photos while we mimic the statues and hide in flower baskets...thank God we found each other!! 

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  1. I am so incredibly proud of you! I would NOT have sent the plate of mashed potatoes back for a salad instead, and neither would you just a month ago. I'm sorry the weekend was so hard, but try to use it as part of the foundation you are building. If you could stick to your plans and eat healthy during a weekend like that, you can do it anytime! Remember how strong you were the next time you are tempted and maybe it will help you keep going. You are such a strong, beautiful, amazing wife, mother, friend and cousin and I am so glad you are doing this for yourself. I wish I could be there to do it with you and give you a big hug!