Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 13 - One Day till weigh in!

Today was a pretty uneventful Paleo day.  I had eggs for breakfast before I did some shopping with my mother at The Royal Standard.  My biggest temptation there was the Coffee Truck.  What I wouldn't do for a cafe latte...mmmm....I can't even have it with soy...

For lunch I had leftover green curry that was even better on Day 2.  For most of the day, Jason and I went car shopping....this was tough.  I was hungry and tired and buying a car can be stressful.....There were vending machines treats and fast food goodies around and that's about it.  I should have prepared better - bought some nuts or something good to snack on.  I am hoping that the Paleo beef jerky and other treats will help in situations like this.

By the time we got home, I was starving!!!!  I had a hamburger, hot dog (no sugar or nitrates) and one half of a sweet potato.  It was great!

So, I am hoping that today was the beginning of something new.  Instead of feeling sad about not being able to eat the food that was easily available, I focused on what I would have eaten during the day...I would have gotten a bag of chips (probably Doritos) and some cookies (oreos maybe??) and Jason and I would have gone through the drive thru to get  something quick (my guess would be the McDonalds McDouble).  But instead of feeling like I was missing out, I actually felt kind of disgusted in pre Day 1 me....I am hoping these feelings will stay with me but I guess only time will tell!

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