Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 15 AKA official halfway point AKA and we have a puker! started off with an insane workout at Geaux Crossfit.  This was the first day that I really struggled to get out of bed - it was a rough night.  The kids just did not want to get sleep so we were up with them off and on...

But I did it.  I am not even going to mention the WOD today because I did something totally different.  We all started off by running around the building three times - I was so close to making it two times without having to stop and walk...two laps is one of my goals... then we did lunges followed by some bench presses With weightlifting, Geaux Crossfit has you start off slowly and you keep adding weights until you reach your limit.  Then we were asked to do three sets of three.  Phew - my shoulders felt like they got a workout after that!

This is so much heavier than it looks in the photo
Then I did the following workout twice:
1 lap around the building
10 squats
1 lap around the building
20 sit ups

Okay....I am a little embarrassed but mostly proud that I actually had to stop to puke in the bushes during the last lap around the building.  I seriously cannot believe that i have become the type of person that is proud to puke at the gym..hahah!  But afterwards I felt really good and was able to finish my 20 sit ups.  (which, by the way, I can now do in a row with no breaks!!)

As usual, breakfast was tough for me.  I had one mini quiche I made in muffin papers but really had to work to eat it.  Lunch was really, really good!  I had my Paleo meatballs and spaghetti squash with a big spinach salad with sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, olive oil and balsamic.  It was really tasty and, I have to say, I think some of my colleagues were a little jealous......

When I got home, I was a little bummed because the only easy meal was the same I had for lunch.  Now it was delicious but I just didn't want it for a second meal in a row.  My fabulous husband told me not to worry and got in the kitchen to make some coconut green curry that was soooo delicious.  It really hit the spot! 

I worked on my major goals and came up with some rewards for myself with the next one being at 20 pounds I am going to buy myself a dehydrator so I can make my own jerky.... I am feeling good about everything today - I'm very thankful for everyone that is depending on me for their inspiration to get healthy...there is basically no better motivation!  Sure, my knee is throbbing and I probably won't be able to wash my hair tomorrow because my shoulders are burning...but I am just taking it one day (one meal, really) at a time..Can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you'll be fit for dancing up a storm at the wedding!

  2. but no puking, unless its from celebratory inebriation.