Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 18...AKA 12 More Days AKA I will have a bag of frozen vegetables with my Pancakeless Omelet please

I woke up today in some major knee was thighs are burning and I was feeling the post workout aches...I was home from work today and spent much of my time running errands.  I didn't have much breakfast and was hungry by 12:00pm.  I had a Paleo friendly taco salad (aka minus chips, cheese, sour cream, etc).

Paleo Omelet...hold the pancake batter??
Today was Abby's gymnastics day so she got to choose where we wanted to go for dinner.  IHOP was her took me awhile to decide what to eat.  I ended up going with an omelet (minus cheese) that had bell peppers, onions, and different meat in it.  Here's the crazy thing though...they put pancake batter in their scrambled eggs to make them fluffier so I have learned that I must specifically ask for an omelet made with eggs in the shell. Who knew?  IHOP is most certainly a restaurant that would ALWAYS make me sick after eating there and tonight it did not!

I really did kinda stumble through today.  Yikes...the thought of having to workout tomorrow makes me nervous.  My legs are seriously still in some kind of pain since the workout on Wednesday.  I haven't felt this kind of pain since my introductory (baseline) workout at Geaux Crossfit.  I am going to bed now...with bags of frozen veggies icing down various parts of my body.  Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow ready for another killer WOD!

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  1. That is so crazy about the pancake batter in the eggs! I am learning just how dangerous it is to eat out for anyone with a food allergy or dietary requirements. Yikes!! I hope your knee feels better soon. Keeping the frozen peas on it!