Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 22! is the first Monday that did not involve a visit to the gym....I just did not get enough sleep last night to have the energy to do it.  I had a hard time falling asleep (mostly because I am reading The Nazi Officer's Wife for my book club and I couldn't stop thinking about it) and then Abby wasn't feeling well and kept me up most of the night.

Too bad too because I have grown fond of the AMRAP have a set time and you have to do as many reps as possible within that set time.  I prefer this kind of workout much more than the ones where you have to to a certain number of reps and be timed for how long it takes...seriously..does that make any sense?  I am not sure that it does.  But, I am moving forward and not allowing myself to feel too guilty.

Today was a great eating day.  I started and ended with the same meal - a crockpot pot roast with carrots and onions.  For lunch I had a leftover steak from last night's dinner. I made one for Kelly P. to enjoy for lunch too and she brought in some fabulous sides - spinach with garlic and summer squash with onion. was an amazing lunch.

I had a few olives for a snack before heading to my endocrinologist.  I was a little nervous to tell him about Paleo because I would not have been surprised if I got a lecture about a "fad diet" that was not healthy.  That was not the case though....he thought it was a great idea and challenged me to stay on it for four more months so I could get my blood work done again for comparison.  He also TOTALLY supported Crossfit and said that is a perfect kind of gym routine because "variety is the spice of life."  Sooo true!  I haven't decided yet about the four month would be interesting to compare blood work though...
I am eager to see what my primary care physician has to say about all of this - I am meeting with her on Wednesday.

nighttime treat!
I usually don't have a snack at least not sense Day 1.  But for some reason, I was in the mood for a little something.  It could have been because my mom and I ran to Whole Foods so I could get some coconut milk creamer for my coffee...we joked that I got that and she got a bag of carbs - delicious bread (two kinds) and some sort of baked goods for her and my dad.... Well, my bedtime snack was a little different than what I would have had in the past (aka big glass of milk and brownies or cake).  I made up a little plate of various seeds and nuts and washed it down with a glass of decaffeinated herbal tea!!

Jason and I are going away this weekend for our five year anniversary.  We are staying at a bed and breakfast that only provides non-paleo breakfast items - croissants, jams, cereal, yogurt, juice, etc.... It is our favorite place to go to and the first place we ever stayed as a couple...I am so excited to go but so nervous about the eating.  Luckily the cottage we are staying in has a full kitchen but, at the same time, I hate to think about spending our romantic getaway cooking food and cleaning a kitchen. Ugh...weekends are so tough..there is always something that complicates my has always been such an important part of any celebration.  Every year we go away for our anniversary and I carefully plan a menu that includes all of our favorites...I would have also chosen where and what we were going to eat at different restaurants.  Sometimes it is till hard for me to wrap my head around the new and improved (paleo) me....even if I feel 100% better than I have felt in stomach issues/lots of energy/feel amazing...I still wish I could eat donuts, mashed potatoes, and brownies.  I have such a strange relationship with food...I guess I always will.

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