Thursday, June 30, 2011

Days 101 and 102 AKA - 30 Day Challenge Results!!

Today was the end of the Geaux Crossfit's 30 Day Challenge!  It really was great to be part of a community that is all eating the same way...I am a little sad it is over but a lot happy that I can partake in a skinny girl  margarita this weekend..haha

Sooo...I am very, very excited about my results:

June 1 (DAY 1)
500 m row - 1:57
Max in two minutes:
Squats - 24 (with bench)
Sit ups - 36
Push ups - 8 (laying down on floor and pushing up)
Pull ups - 21 (jumping)
Mile Run - 11:58 (my first mile!!!)

June 30 (LAST DAY)
500 m row - 2:00 (still tired from Fran)
Squats - 35 (with bench)
Sit ups - 42
Push ups - 16 (laying down on floor and pushing up)
Pull ups - 39 (jumping)
Mile Run - 11:34!!!!!!!!
Total Lost: 17 Pounds!!! TOTAL INCHES LOST:, chest 3 inches, bicep left 2 inches and right 1.5 inches, waist 2.9!! (I added wrong before!!), thigh left 2 inches and right 3.5 inches...which means I lost a total of 14.9 inches from around my body!!

I do think that my times would have been even better if I didn't do "Fran" for the WOD yesterday....there is something about that work sounds simple enough but it is killer...yesterday was an AMAZING day at the gym - I actually did my first box jump AND my first non-jumping pull up (using a rubber band).  I am really, really excited!!

June 29, 2011
600m run/stretching
Workout of the Day
Max High Jump - 12 inches!  Woo hoo!  First time I jumped instead of stepped!!

For Time:
-Thrusters-95/65 (35 pounds/used bench for squats)
-Pull Ups (used red band - first time I used band instead of jumping!!!)

WOD TIME: 7:55
500m row (slow 500 meters..I was so tired!)

Sooo..I have lost 49 pounds in close to 50!  For the first time in my life, I really feel like I am going to do goal is 100 pounds by January and I am already almost halfway there.  That leaves me about 2 pounds a week to lose. 

The 30 days of strict paleo is officially over...that means I have to make some major decisions:

1. should I allow Diet Coke to be part of my diet?  The answer is NO.  It is hard but I truly feel like the relationship I had with Diet Coke could be considered an addiction. I do not want to go back there.  There is nothing good about Diet Coke.

2. should I start including dairy in my diet?  Sometimes.  I do not plan to drink milk because the sugar content is really high...but, once in awhile, I may get feta cheese on my salad at Albasha or splurge for a gluten free pizza.  I would say once or twice a month would make dairy a splurge rather than a routine.

3. What about fruit? Again, sometimes.  I know I lose more weight and have more energy without it...but, if I want a piece of watermelon or some strawberries once in awhile, I will go for it.

4.  Processed foods/gluten - are a NO.  No need to even discuss them.

5. What will I add into my diet, in moderation?  Black beans and hummus....sounds a little pathetic that these are what I have been waiting for during the last 30 days...but it is true.  I will feel good if I eat them about once a week.

6. What about Geaux Crossfit? I am so ready to commit another 30 days to this lifestyle.  For the first time in my life, I don't dread going to the gym (although the 5:15am wake up call sucks sometimes).  If my schedule allowed, I would go more often.

I am almost halfway to losing 100 pounds...I feel stronger than I ever have in my life.  I think back on Day 1 of this journey....I couldn't even row 500m and now I am beating myself up if it is over 2 minutes.  I hope that other people like me decide to try this diet/exercise out for themselves.  I have honestly never felt better...right now my legs are killing me, my arms feel so tired and I am loving it.  It is not because I sat too long in the same position but because I was exercising giving it my all.

I am so excited for the next 30 days to start!!!  Someone at the gym told me about this GREAT website where you can buy crossfit jewelry.  Once I hit 50 pounds here is my reward!!:
Check out for some great jewelry!!


  1. So proud of you! You are such a fighter and it has been awesome to follow your journey.

  2. You are so AMAZING!!!! I can't believe (well, I CAN, because it's YOU!) how well you did on vacation and how well you have been doing with all of this. You deserve a REALLY great reward when you lose the next pound. Seriously 50 pounds?????? Did you ever think that was possible? and that is half way to your goal that is months and months away! I am so proud of you!

  3. Speechless every time I read the blog. I can honestly say I see the improvements each time I see you. You are the poster person for what hard work will get you!