Friday, December 2, 2011

Days 247 - 251 aka Weigh in and Celebrations

Running, running, running.......
Today was weigh in day and I lost 2 pounds bringing my total to 81 pounds!  That means I have 19 more pounds to lose by January to meet my goal...yikes!

Last week I was so upset with myself...I didn't even take the time to celebrate my successes:

1. For the first time since starting Geaux Crossfit, when everyone ran their 2 warm up laps around the building, I was able to keep up with the group!  Normally it would be everyone else.......and then me about a 1/2 lap behind.  It sounds like such a little thing but I seriously almost started blubbering like a fool.

2. I went down a band during pull ups!  When I started, I couldn't do a pull up at all - i did "jumping" pull ups.  A few weeks ago I went from that to using a red band (the largest) and a green band (the second largest).  Earlier this week, Amber pointed out that it looked like pull ups were coming a little too easy for me so I tried doing it with the red band and the purple band (the third largest) and I could do it!! (barely).  I do not think that it was a coincidence that on the very next day, the WOD just happened to end with 32 pull ups....haha...thanks Amber!

3. Today I did a girl push up for the first time!  I usually go all the way to the floor and then use my arms to go back up...but this time I was able to do a complete push up (from my knees).  I know I still have a long way to go but I left the WOD this morning feeling strong!!

This week has been great - I feel strong...and I am talking core strong...and I feel focused and healthy.  I think my mindset is beginning to shift from focusing on weight loss to focusing on getting stronger and stronger.  Did I mention that today we had to do Dead lift- heavy set of 5.  I did 5 reps at 205 pounds!!


  1. So happy for you! You're working it!

  2. Hello -

    I came across your blog skimming a Paleo forum. I'm a writer for the Baton Rouge weekly publication, Dig Magazine and I'm doing an article on the Paleo diet. I am wondering if you would be interested in doing a brief interview with me on the subject.

    My email address is jessistafford @, or you can message me back on here to set something up.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. You are looking super fit, but most importantly it is so nice to hear (read) you recognizing yourself for all of your efforts and successes!

  4. Hey!! Great job!! Really cool take on it from a moms POV!

    I'm doing a year long journey of my own...365 WODs and 365 Beers in 365 Days...check it out at

  5. Just found your blog via the CrossFit site. Looking at your pics from start to present, you've done amazing work. And let me tell you the children are watching and learning as you progress!

    Your exercise of will power, obviously good genetics and olde fashioned perspiration and perseverance will ensure a phenomenal change in your life. Excellent!