Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Days 178 - 186 - AKA....WEIGH IN DAY!!!!

70 Pounds Gone!
 It has been a little over 6 months since I started my crossfit/paleo lifestyle and I cannot believe that I have list 70 pounds!  That is INSANE!!   I only have 30 pounds left to reach my goal of 100 pounds in a year....I know I have worked hard but, seriously, thanks to Geaux Crossfit, it has been easy!  I have never felt so focused and determined.  And, like a cherry on top of a paleo ice cream sundae (I guess a meat sundae??), yesterday's workout has left me feeling so strong.

I got to Geaux Crossfit early and ran a lonely 2 miles since my M-W-F running buddy Candace is on vacation.  Then we did a WOD called CrossFit Total that is all about lifting weights. - the workout consists of getting 1 max rep for three different weight lifts.  It started with the dreaded back squat.  Until yesterday, I have really only been focusing on conquering the squat.  Amber convinced me to try it out with weight and I started with 35 pounds...it wasn't too bad so I kept on going up and up. and up. and up.  I finally stopped at 105!  I cannot believe it!  Once again, I had one of those "maybe I really can conquer the world" moments. 

Then I moved on to the shoulder press.  My max in the past was 55 so my goal was to beat that...and I did.  With 90 pounds!!

I saved the best for last.  The deadlift always makes me feel strong.  My heaviest deadlift to date was 125 pounds about a month ago.  I was hoping to beat it but I never thought that I would be able to lift 210 pounds!  Seriously!  Everyone else was already done because I added 5 or 10 pound increments over and over....since I had NO idea I would be able to lift so much.  I felt like I was in a documentary that was created to demonstrate what CrossFit is all about when I lifted 210.  Amber, as always, was there routing me on.  But so was everyone else from the morning crew. They could have been back at their houses by the time I was done.  But they weren't.  They waited until I was done.  They were surrounding me...cheering me on.  They were part of my moment.

Once again I am left feeling so thankful.  Sometimes I feel like a crazy religious person feeling the urge to spread the good word of Crossfit.  I no longer believe in excuses...take last week for example.  I worked 60+ hours because of a conference we were hosting.  Kelly P and I stuck to the diet by carting a cooler of paleo friendly food - hard boiled eggs, rotisserie chicken, paleo meatballs, etc..with us everywhere we went.  There was one point where we were sitting on the floor behind a curtain at the River Center shoving in some chicken...all I could think about was how times have changed!!  I exercised every chance I had and got right back into my Crossfit routine as soon as possible.  I had a root canal on Monday and actually had to change the time a bit so I had time to head to the gym before the dentist!  I DID NOT want to miss the WOD! 

And, after spending all evening completing a frantic search of my house for my beloved jump rope, I almost cried with relief when my Mum called to tell me she found it at her house.  So, I am getting ready to drive over in my pajamas so I will have it for tomorrow's WOD....

Man...my life has changed. 

The thing is, we all have our excuses.  I have 2 young children...my husband had to work late....I am PTO president.....I work 40+ hours....I travel. a lot.  But I am also 70 pounds lighter than I was 6 months ago and have never felt better!

And in just a little over 2 weeks, I will be wearing my goal dress...dancing under the stars at my brother's wedding.  I can barely wait.


  1. Bethany, YOU LOOK MAAAAAHHHVELOUS! Seriously, OMG, for real, I mean it. Stunning. Even sweaty and holding your victory weights. I can really see from this photo how hard you have worked and how much you have accomplished. You should be SO proud of yourself. Congratulations!