Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Year 2, Days 75 - 129 aka When the Going Gets Tough...

When I describe the WODS (workout of the day) I do at Geaux Crossfit people usually tell me that they sound horrible...or too hard....or no fun.  Well, over the last few weeks I have learned what it is even harder to be at Geaux Crossfit sit them out.  I have a knee injury and have had to sit out a bunch ofWODs over the last two weeks.  I am not going to lie....when everyone in the 5:00am class was doing one of my favorites - Fight Gone Bad - I seriously almost lost it.  I had to sit in the bathroom and get it together so I wouldn't start crying (I may have even shed a tear or two).  I am trying so hard not to lose my focus but it really is pretty miserable.  Physical therapy is a sslllloooowwww process.

I didn't go to Geaux Crossfit for about a week because of travel and other commitments.  The night before I went back I was laying in bed thinking about the next morning...I was thinking about my past and how I have always been a yo-yo dieter and exerciser...I was kind of feeling afraid that this might be the end to my Crossfit/Paleo journey.

Thank goodness for my 5:00am buddies at the gym - Murph posted on Facebook mentioning he hadn't seen me in awhile and Candace and Kim texted me to make sure I would be there.  So, with a bit of hesitation, I went back yesterday.  As soon as I walked through the doors I realized how much I missed it!  I cannot believe I even questioned my relationship with Geaux Crossfit for a minute.  I would have missed out on so much if I didn't go back.  So I did a modified version of the WOD.  And yeah..it kinda did suck that I couldn't do what everyone else was doing (who would ever have thought that I would be envious of people doing squats...).  But I knew that Amber would only let me do what my body could handle and that the 5:00am class would all support me through it. 

And in two weeks I have a new motivation to keep me going - my dear friend Kelly P. has decided to give Geaux Crossfit a shot.  I am so excited for her!  And, I must admit, I am nervous.  I want her to love it there as much as I do.  I want it to be a life changer for her too.  She has stuck with me and been a great support during this journey.  I wouldn't have made it through my first 30 day paleo challenge if she hadn't been doing it right along with me.  I can only hope that I can support her through her first 30 days at Geaux Crossfit!

Here's a photo of me and some of the 5 a.m. crew.

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  1. I started crossfit- I've gone twice. It's partly because of you. KEEP BLOGGING!