Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 108 aka WEIGH IN DAY!!!!

So it has been 108 days and, I am very happy to be able to report that I have lost a total of 51 pounds!  I feel so much better - no more aches and pains, I have more energy, I look forward to going to Geaux Crossfit!  Life is very good!  I feel like I am on the right path to reach my goal - 100 pounds by January!  I am over halfway there and still have about 6 months to go!!!  I don't want to sound too much like a cheeseball but I am thankful to EVERYONE that has supported me during these 108 days - my family (my mum, jason, molly) , my colleagues (kelly p, pam, cami, kristen), my friends (amy and others who I have never met) Geaux Crossfit family - Catherine, Amber, Paige, Melody, Brad, Will, Tom, Grant, are what keeps me motivated.  Thank you for that!!  Because of all of you I feel like 2012 is going to start off being a really amazing year!  Woo hoo!  51 pounds!

Here is a picture of me during my first week (left) and from last week!

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  1. AWESOME!!! Keep it up, even on those weeks where you just feel like you don't want to get up for that 6 am workout!
    Also I told Amber to tell Johnny about the Monkey Bizz bldg.... not sure if it's what he's looking for, but at least the info is out there now!