Saturday, October 22, 2011

Days 200 - 210 aka Back to Reality

Me in my GOAL dress!
And I am back....back from an amazing road trip and perfect wedding!  It was all fabulous AND I got to wear my goal dress for the first time!!  It really was a magical night - I, along with my family and friends, danced the night away!  Matt and Sarah even had gluten free options - including a special paleo entree for me - delicious bacon wrapped scallops!

So hard to say NO!
The rest of the road trip was hard....especially after we stopped at the Russel Stover outlet.....I stayed away from gluten (except for one meal that must have had some hiding in the seasonings because I got super sick) but I did eat non-paleo items - cheese, chocolate, gluten free corn bread, more chocolate, diet coke, potato chips, gluten free crackers, a baked potato..... during my 9 day trip I gained four pounds!  I would like to say it was worth it but (except for the chocolate and the corn bread) it really wasn't.  I still have a headache, my skin looks like I am back in high school, and my energy level/mood was off.  This trip has just reconfirmed the fact that I feel entirely better when I am eating non processed/non fried/non sugary (aka paleo) food.  It was hard the rehearsal dinner everyone was oohing and ahhing about the amazing garlic butter rolls, my family went to an Italian restaurant one night for dinner...I couldn't even go..I knew it would be trouble (they started with a pizza for an appetizer...ugh)!, I had to say no to wedding cake, and a brownie sundae that was shared at another family dinner, and fair food at the Richmond Folk Festival....saying no to funnel cake when you are surrounded by people that are eating it is very hard!  The list can go on and on...... And truthfully, it made me grumpy to have to say no.  Why can everyone else enjoy those foods and not me?  Aren't these kinds of splurges what vacations are all about?  I know this is what alcoholics and other addicts must feel.  Seriously, I am realizing more and more that food is an addiction.  My cousin and I used to watch shows like the Biggest Loser and look at each other completely baffled - we don't have these big sob stories that lead to our overeating.  Her theory (which I agreed with at the time) is that for some reason, food just tastes better to us than others.  But now I think it is more than that.  We all know that addiction runs in families.... I think my love for food is going to be a constant struggle - I will never be one of those people so into my fitness and eating a healthy diet that I won't even want to eat the foods that are bad.  I know that foods like Cheetos and fast food are disgusting....but I still want to eat them...sick, huh?

Back to Reality!
Normally when I am dieting and then go on vacation, I usually come home and continue eating like I am still on vacation.  I have been home for two days now and have eaten 100% paleo.  I can feel my body going through withdrawal - I would do anything for some chocolate right is crazy how quickly your body can change!  But I am sticking with it.  And on Monday I start back running and Geaux Crossfit.  I cannot say often enough how my support system is so important to my success.  My trainer Amber has been sending me texts, my running buddy Candace just sent me an email about next week's running schedule, Kelly P. made sure I had paleo friendly foods waiting for me when I started back to work, my husband Jason cooked a paleo dinner last night that was just about ready when I got home from work...... it is pretty hard to fail when I have so many people around that are carrying me to the finish line.

I have about 4 months to lose 30 pounds - I am on a mission.


  1. i was listening to this guy on npr. i plan on getting this book

  2. it's about addiction and food is among them. it was really interesting to listen to him and i definitely plan to get the book. anyway, you look fantastic, great job! traveling is definitely a big trap for eating crappy. sounds like you struggled but most of us do. you'll make the 30. in fact, i predict it will be more like 35 :D

  3. you look awesome in the dress! best wishes for the next 30lbs!