Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Days 211 - 214 aka getting back in the game

Feeling Fierce after a WOD at Geaux Crossfit
 I started back at Geaux Crossfit on Monday after 2 weeks off for vacation.  I met Candace for a run and we were able to complete a semi-slow two miles!  It really felt great...then on to the WOD.  Getting through the WOD was SOOOO much tougher than I imagined it to be.  My body was just not prepared for it. involved many squats and I didn't think I was going to make it through.... I have had this exact moment in my life happen to me many times.  I start going to the gym, then I travel or can't go for a couple of weeks...then I go back one more time...then that is it.  It is too hard. 

I feel like I sound like a Crossfit holy roller, preaching the good word.  But seriously, the ONE reason I went back to the gym today (even though my body was killing me from Monday's workout) was because of the people.  For the first time in my life, walking back into the doors of the gym, it felt like a relief.  I was greeted by everyone there and, more importantly, they supported me through the WOD.  They knew it was going to be tough and they were there to cheer me on.  Geaux Crossfit is a special place for me but, from what I understand, it is not necessary unique for it's sense of community.  There is something about Crossfit - the type of people it attracts, the way it is formatted, the trainers, that creates a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I started this morning by meeting Candace for a 1 mile run - the WOD consisted of a lot of running so we decided to keep it shorter.....Today's workout was a tough one for me - it involved even more squats!  I can already barely walk (my inner thighs are killing me!) but I made it through.  I was the last one to finish.  It was okay though - my cheerleaders were there - Amber, Candace, Murph, etc. 

WILL be back on Friday even if my prayers are not answered and I am stuck doing another WOD that involves squats.

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