Friday, November 4, 2011

Days 215 - 223...aka...Forever Grateful

Temptation at Work
Well, once again I felt myself slipping of this slippery slope....going back to some of my bad habits.  And then, once again, Geaux Crossfit came to the rescue.  It's getting to be the holiday season - a time for indulgence.  But my Geaux Crossfit family has still stepped up (more than I can ever imagine) to support me.

Below is an excerpt from the Geaux Crossfit website from October 31:

We are going to start our Paleo challenge November 7.  This challenge is different from the others because it is not just one month.  It’s all the way until December 31.  Bethany is only 30 pounds away from finishing her journey of losing 100 pounds, so lets show support by joining in on the challenge.  Get pumped Bethany!  We are going to blow that 100 out the water!

Temptation at Home
That's gym is rallying together to help me get off of this weight loss plateau and reach my goal.  How absolutely amazing is that?  So on Monday, I am going strict once again.  Amber is helping me eat better by not just eating paleo, but also thinking more about the amount of protein/fat/carbs I am consuming.  I know there will be many temptations during the holidays but I am determined to not overindulge.  I am also going to try hard to up my fitness routine.  Geaux Crossfit's commitment to me has helped me refocus.  I will reach my goal.  And when I do, I will set a new goal and reach that one too.

Thats the thing about Crossfit.  It makes me strive for things that, until now, I have always thought were unattainable.  It is not only about fitness.  Mentally and emotionally, I feel stronger than I ever have before.  I know my mind keeps going back to the same can I be so lucky to have Geaux Crossfit in my life?  I didn't know what a life changer it would be when I first opened those doors...and I am forever thankful.

I am stronger then temptation!
In addition to my weight loss goal, I have a fitness goal - to run a 5k by December 24.  I have never been a runner...the thought that this could be a reality is unbelievable to me.  And what a great Christmas present it would be for myself!

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