Sunday, August 7, 2011

Days 129 - 138 aka WEIGH IN DAY aka Lost my Inspiration

Can you guess which is my new license?
Soooo it has been over a week since I last weighed in and decided to do so this morning.  As of 7:30am today I have lost 60 pounds!  I cannot believe it!  Only 40 pounds till my next big goal of 100 by January - INSANE!!

I know this should inspire me but the truth is, it doesn't.  I have not written for awhile because I feel completely uninspired.  These last few weeks have been tough because they have been without routine- I've been traveling for work and for vacation, Kelly P. my paleo partner, has been out of the office for different work obligations, and I have not been able to go to Geaux Crossfit regularly.  I can't remember the last week that my schedule allowed me to workout my promised minimum of 3 times.  And I keep on cheating more and more - a bit of cheese, a few m&ms, a (gluten free) brownie, a few bites of rice...etc, etc, etc.  The more I get away from Paleo, the more sluggish and less inspired I feel (not to mention disgusting and gassy).
Day 138 - 60 pounds loss!

Day 5 - less than 5 months ago

Truth is, I know the secret to my success is going to Geaux Crossfit as much as possible.  When I go a few times a week my mind and body are focused and thinking "game on."  The WODS inspire me to think of food as fuel.  I know I can workout on my own but it doesn't happen.  I was just in Grand Isle with my family and planned to run on the beach every morning.  I didn't do it once.  When you spend the night sharing a twin bed with your four year old who gets you up every hour to see if it is time to go to the beach to catch "crabbies" you kinda lose your umph.

Jason is still at Grand Isle having a well-deserved weekend with the guys which means I can't go to Geaux Crossfit because I am home with the kids....who want to eat frozen yogurt....and macaroni and cheese....and hummus with pita bread....

Sooo...Wednesday will be when I can return to the gym and, hopefully, regain my inspiration.  I never thought a gym membership would mean so much...but it does.  I am now 100% sure that this journey is not one I can face alone or even with the (amazing) support of my friends and family.  I need Geaux Crossfit.  I want to be their biggest success story. I want to get to a point where I can inspire my fellow members as much as they inspire me everyday.  I swear, someday I will be fit enough so I can run the extra few laps with someone that doesn't feel like s/he can get through the WOD.  I owe it to them. 

60 pounds loss = more energy to play with my kids!

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  1. Inspiration? Girl I thought that was your name. I just realized your mama named you something else. I see you losing that weight and competing in FGB next year. Watch the miracle continue!