Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 (aka 29 to go!!)

Of course Lucas decided to keep us up from about 3:30am ...but regardless.  I made it through my first official workout at Geaux Crossfit! I arrived a little before 6:00am and was surprised to see so many people there......I would say there were about 8 of us in all.  We started by running (outside) around the building.  I have to admit, this really did scare me.  I knew I would be the last person to make the two laps and when I was just about finished, I just wanted to burst into tears.  I figured this would be the way it was going to be...everyone working out in a team together and me...the fat one....just trying to keep up.  As I turned the last corner though, one of the guys that was working out this morning was there to give me some encouraging words.  He told me it would get easier and I had to stick to it and I was doing a great job and all the right things that gave me the confidence to continue.  It was really amazing - just what I needed!  If I had the energy (which I certainly didn't even though we were still just "warming up") I may have given him a hug. 

So, after that we did some other warming up stretches and push ups before the actual workout began.  The thing with Crossfit is that each workout is different.  You can go on the website the evening before to see what the workout will be.  It pretty much looks like jibber jabber unless you are going to the gym.  For instance, here is today's workout:

Workout of the Day3-3-3 Back Squat
5 Rounds for time:
-10 Push Press (55/75)
-10 Overhead Squat (55/75)
-10 Pull Ups
-20 Double Unders

My workout was modified for my level.  Catherine (the fabulous trainer) did  a really amazing job of making sure that each of us had an individualized workout so we all finished at about the same time and, it looked to me, like we were all equally exhausted and sweaty. 

about 15 minutes after workout
and still bright red.....
 Okay...let me explain what I personally did.  First of all....I can't remember the 3-3-3 back squat because everything right after the run around the building was a blur.  After that, I actually did three rounds of the different exercises while others did five.  It started with me lifting the bar that you put weights on from my shoulders up to over my head.  My bar didn't have any weights but it was weighted....(it felt heavier as the workout progressed).  I did this 10 times and then moved onto my least favorite thing in the world - squats.  This time, I did them leaning on a weighted ball on the wall.  I feel like this helped me a bit with my form.  Then I did 10 jumping pull ups (as in I don't have the strength to lift myself up so I jump up).  That was followed by jump roping 25 times.  I did this routine three times.  Okay, this is embarrassing but I am so very, very excited about being able to jump rope.  Who knew?  I told Katherine that I didn't think I could and she convinced me to try.  AND. I. DID. IT.  YAYAAY!

Including the warm up, it took me about an hour to complete this work out.  At the end I was exhausted, and sweaty, and red-faced, and could barely walk...but it was fabulous!  I am so excited!  This kind of workout can't possibly get boring.  The other people in the class were incredibly supportive with one another.  I really am excited to go back.  As the day has progressed (my workout started at 6am) I am getting a little more stiff. I  am not sure if I will be able to go to the gym tomorrow but (and I am not lying here) I hope I can!!

So, on to diet.  I didn't eat before I worked out.  I know that some people say that is an absolute no no but it works for me.  I literally sleep in my workout clothes.  I get up, throw on a sports bra, brush my teeth and hit the road.  Right after I worked out, I ate a hard boiled egg.  I got to work about 1.5 hours later and was feeling pretty hungry.  I had two hard boiled eggs, 1/2 cup of strawberries/blueberries and 1/4 cup of chopped pecans and cashews.  And I am doing my best to be strict with my diet and all but I am not willing to give up my coffee in the morning with fat free french vanilla creamer.....I just cannot do it!

So, that lasted me until about lunch time.  I did eat a few sunflower seeds between the two meals but not many.  For lunch I had a salad (lettuce tossed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil) with raw carrots and celery and grilled peppers and onions.  For a protein I had chicken that I cooked last night with some cumin. I also added a little salsa and guacamole.... It was good and filling.  I do not love chicken and cannot eat it everyday but I do love grilled onions and peppers so that made it a yummy meal.

The hardest time for me today was from 1:45pm until about 3:30pm.  That is the usual time for me to snack.  I tried to eat some celery and carrots in hopes that would help but it didn't.  I had some almonds and a coworker shared her sparkling water with me...but I really just had to work through it...
For dinner I had corned beef, cabbage, carrots and onions.  My parents were out of town for St. Patrick's Day so we are celebrating a little late....I did not have any boiled potatoes or Irish soda bread or butter....sob... :)

In all, I would say Day 1 was a success.  I would not have been able to make it through Day 1 without so many incredibly supportive people around me..: Catherine, guy at the gym in the yellow shirt, lovely coworkers that have changed the lunchroom conversation into what we want to eat to what we are going to eat based on our diets :), and my fabulous family.

When I got home from the gym, Abby pretty much summed my day up: she started laughing hysterically and said "mama you have a ponytail (I never wear a ponytail) and you are purple and shiny (sweaty).

Today was tough, I am not going to lie.  I am already sick of grilled chicken and salad...I am just not a huge fan of chicken.  I think I have to focus on making the foods I love fit into the diet instead of trying to eat food I wouldn't normally eat....  I am tired and achy and want a brownie.  I am tired and hope the kids will go to bed on time in their own beds without a fight....

BUT Day 1 is done!

Woo hoo!


  1. woo-hoo! congrats! i have some recipes that you may like. and you can always sub proteins in recipes for ones you like better. what do you prefer over chicken? i don't really care much for it either.

  2. ps. supper tonight was shrimp coated in a rub (salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika, garlic) and collards with chicken sausage and shallots. not too shabby ;D

  3. Hi Bethany, I just joined Crossfit too, along with my boyfriend. Today is my first actual workout. I'm going to the 630 class. I almost hurled after my baseline so I'm definitely hoping to be able to keep it together today. The staff there mentioned you and your blog and we've been reading it. Good luck. I'm not doing the blog thing but feel free to email me at