Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 (27 days to go!)

I am not going to's workout was brutal.  Seriously.....I didn't think I was going to make it:

Workout of the Day
Kipping work
3 Rounds with 5 Minute rest in between.
-500 Meter Row
-40 Squats
-30 Sit Ups
-20 Push Ups
-10 Pull ups

And I only did 2 Rounds of this workout modified for my level.  I actually mentioned the puke bucket and thought I might need it but I got myself together.  It was GREAT though - there were four of us in all and I was certainly the least fit and most overweight.  I feel bad to say this because of course I don't want anyone to suffer, but I was so happy to hear one of the strong and fit guys mutter that he was so exhausted he was seeing double...yayay!  I am not the only one!  haha

 I am such a sap though.  On the way to the gym I started sobbing (could be because I am working on little sleep) because I am just so thankful to have so many very supportive people surrounding me.  Not one person has told me (at least to my face) that this is not going to work.  That it is a waste of time and energy and money...not one.  I have received emails from people from family and friends that I haven't seen in years and even from strangers who are starting at the gym too (Hey Kim!  Glad to hear you didn't need the puke bucket either...hopefully we can meet in person sometime soon!!).

Then, on the way home I started sobbing (this time I am sure complete exhaustion had something to do with it) because I was just so damn happy.  I feel like I am in control of my life..well, at least for the last three days....and I made it through a workout that I would NEVER have even considered if Catherine hadn't seemed so sure I could complete it (words cannot express my thanks Catherine and I am not just saying that so you will take it easy on me this Friday..hah)  I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow but I did it!  It's only been a few workouts but I swear I already feel stronger. 

Me breaking up with a biscuit.  I will miss you.
Food was a little difficult today.  After I worked out, I went to the doctor's office to do fasting blood work.  I got out of there at around 9:00am and was STARVING.  My mum, Lucas and I decided to go to our favorite breakfast place - Franks.  Franks is one of the places that has a sign out front that states they have best biscuits in the world.  The thing is, they really do.  They are just was a bit of a struggle to say no.  I ate scrambled eggs and some bacon and some ham.  I did not have one bite of Lucas' pancakes or my mum's biscuits with butter and orange marmalade...uhmmmmmm..... But I felt full and happy afterwards!  And I have to say, this is only Day 3 but my stomach has felt better than it has in years.  I have gone to the doctors about my stomach issues before but we could never really pinpoint what it is...just figured it was a result of my gallbladder being removed.  All I know is, that for these three days, I have honestly felt better physically than I have for pretty much as long as I can remember.  Maybe the Paleo diet is the way to go....

Luckily, I stayed up late last night to prepare for lunch.  Again, Day 1 was very discouraging because I tried to eat foods I wouldn't normally eat (aka a salad with grilled chicken) so since then I have been focusing on making the foods that I do like Paleofied... So last night I made ground turkey with Mexican seasoning (fyi..normally I would use the prepackaged taco seasoning but BEWARE!  It is full of not so good stuff...I did some cumin and garlic powder and black pepper and onion powder and it was really good.  For extra vegetables, I added an entire package of broccoli slaw that pretty much cooked down to nothing.  I love Taco Salad and actually have a tradition of going, with the girls at work,  to Taco Salad Tuesday at a cafeteria in the building next time mine every week.  So, Kelly P. and I created a Paleo Taco Salad with the ground turkey, lettuce, avocado and salsa.  Honestly, I did not feel like I was missing the fried tortilla, sour cream or cheese...well..maybe I missed the cheese a little..ha  But really, it was so good that I ate half of it before I remembered to take a picture!

Tonight will be leftover spaghetti squash for dinner.... Kelly P. and I have planned our meals for the next week and they include beef stew (homemade/Paleofied) that is cooking in the crock pot right now, Paleo pancakes (I will reveal the recipe if they are worth making), and chicken and veggie soup just to name a few. 

On the way home today I stopped at Baums Bakery....I am serious when I say it took A LOT of will power to not buy something like a cupcake and shove it in my mouth and never mention it to anyone..I mean if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around..does it make a sound?  You know what I mean?  Sooo...I went there because if my grandma was alive today, it would have been her 99th birthday.  We have a tradition of eating a lemon donut on her birthday each year because they were her favorite...... I wanted my mother to continue the tradition even if I could not.  So I got to the counter and ordered her donut and, since it was in the evening, lucky me learned that it was buy one get one free!!!  Seriously?  That is just so unfair.  For the record I got a free apple fritter and gave it to my dad......My grandma, like just about everyone else in my family, was a habitual dieter.  I like to think that she would be proud of me for not eating a donut on her birthday but working instead to become a stronger and healthier me.  My grandma was 93 when she died and until the very end, she was feisty and full of personality.  Over these next few weeks when I am struggling I will do my best to think of her and the other strong women in my family and focus on what needs to be done.

Day three is officially over!


  1. Woohoo! You officially have more will power than I do. Not that my will power registers on any perceivable scale ;D

    Congrats, and that taco salad sounds good. That's how I season 'mexican' food instead of the packets. The MSG alone is horrifying.

    Perhaps, in addition to your gall bladder and how fatty foods really do a number on ya when you're missing it, there are other things that have been bothering you. Such as preservatives. i.e. MSG or if you drank diet soda maybe something in that?

    Keep it up!

  2. Wow, you did THAT WOD!!!! Way to go. My boyfriend and I were talking about that one. It was on a day that I hadn't planned on going anyway, but I was even scared for the people who did. You go Bethany. That was excellent. And, I do plan on trying the ground turkey and brocoli slaw recipe. That sounds yummy.

  3. Grandma would be so incredibly proud of you....just like I am! You are doing an amazing thing.