Friday, March 18, 2011

Three Days Till P Day!

Soo...I have read Paleo Solutions by Robb Wolf and am ready to make a 30 day commitment to the Paleo lifestyle.  I will spend the weekend preparing - cleaning out the kitchen, grocery shopping and cooking foods that fit this diet.  I know from experience that it is the lack of preperation that will lead me to eating donuts
and fast food.  I have already decided that my reward will be the fabulous t-shirt that is available from a great Paleo-friendly website, paleobrands.  It is a picture of "re-evolution" of man and it rocks!  Can't quite wear it yet....I need to have some results!
I am very, very happy to know that my colleague and good friend Kelly has decided to attempt the 30 day Paleo lifetsyle with me!  All of us who have dieted know that there is certainly safety in numbers.  I am so glad that we are in it together.  Incidently, she is also the friend that "dieted" with my by getting the small order of queso....ha

Paleo Solutions is a good read.  For me personally, it went a bit too heavy into the whole science of how the Paleo diet works - I do not need to know all the details.  I do appreciate knowing that this information is available if I do really need it.  Like many, I love reading the testimonials and sample diets.  This book is great because the sample diets come complete with weekly recipes.  Robb Wolf also has a pretty amazing wesbite that includes some really amazingly helpful tools, including a shopping list.  So, I will say goodbye to many staples in my current diet - bread, bagels, cheese, baked goods, milk, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate and hello to life as a caveman, or cavewoman.  Seriously though, if I can do this, I think just about anyone can.  Who wants to join me on this journey?  Day 1 starts on Monday!

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