Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 10 (20 to go!)

This morning's workout was really insane.  We started out with 1000 meters on the rowing machine...then some crazy stretches followed by weightlifting moves that I am having a hard time doing....not because I'm not strong's more because I am not at all is almost like dancing...I don't have any rhythm and can't remember the moves.

So I ended up doing three rounds of:

10 pull ups
20 squats
30 sit ups

That is insane, if you ask me!  My big plan when I started was to get to my 90th sit up and tell Catherine that I wasn't done...I wanted to make it to 100!  Why does 100 sound like so many more than 90? is the reality.  I was the last one done (there were three of us and Catherine) and, honestly, I didn't think I was going to be able to do my last 10.  Anyone who knows me understands how hard it would be for me to give up...but, just as I was about to, the two guys that were working out started cheering for me...telling me I could do it.  Seriously, how amazing is that?  It just about makes me cry thinking of it.  They were done with their workouts and could have been on their way home..but they stayed until I was done.  I think that is why Geaux Crossfit works for me..I am only on week two and just really feel like I belong; like people are cheering for me.  Everyone there wants the other person to succeed.  It isn't like going to a "traditional" gym where you go and do your workout with your headphones on and then go home....I guess maybe that works for some people.  I can't understand why or how.  I am learning that working out is all about pushing yourself to your limits...if I was going to my old gym, would I have gotten through those last 10 push ups?  Umm noo..I wouldn't have even been doing push ups.  I would have been on the treadmill working up what I thought was a sweat before I joined Crossfit.

Why eat fast food when you can eat like a caveman?
 Today was most certainly one of those days where, on the way home, I would have normally stopped at a fast food restaurant and gone through the drive thru to pick up dinner for me and the family.  I was visiting a school in Baton Rouge in the afternoon and didn't have a chance to eat lunch.  Then, I had to work an hour later than usually.  On the way home, Jason called me and said the kids were tired and grumpy....I was hungry, tired, and didn't want to deal with figuring out a Paleo-friendly dinner.  Just when I was about to make the biggest cheat to date, my mother called and SAVED THE DAY.  She was just about to throw a couple of steaks and summer squash onto the grill and was checking to find out if Jason and I wanted some too.  How could I possibly choose a fast food cheeseburger and fries over a grilled steak?  I couldn't.  I ran by their house on the way home (they live a mile from us) and got our delicious food to go!  I brought it home and the family enjoyed a delicious dinner together.

I have been thinking a lot about my ultimate goal.  It seems that everyone know I am doing this diet and exercise (ummm..probably because it is the only thing I seem to talk about) and I am often asked what my goal is...when you have been overweight for as long as I have, I think it is kind of hard to even imagine what a healthy weight would be.  You can try to look it up but usually I find myself very discouraged when the "goal" wait shows that I have to lose over half my weight.  I am honestly just not interested, at least now, in making that big goal.  I want to be healthy - I want to exercise regularly and eat well... I want to go to a doctor's appt. and have weight NOT be an issue...I want to shop in a regular clothing store....all of these things are wants but I now have my first long-term goal:

My brother Matt is getting married to his fabulous wife-to-be Sarah.  Matt and Sarah are physically fit and enjoy the outdoors.  When they get married in October, I want to feel confident going hiking with them.  That is my goal.  Right now, if they were to ask me to go hiking I would say yes but would be suffering majorly from the cold sweats...on the ride to the hiking trails I would probably have an anxiety attack because I'd be afraid we would start and they would have to leave me behind...which happened once at Zion National Park.  I was hiking with some friends and had to take a shortcut back to the picnic area only to sit there and try not to blubber like a lunatic for an hour while they finished their amazing hike....  So, they are getting married during the second weekend in October.  My goal is to be strong and able to do a moderate hike with them.  I am not looking to climb a mountain or do some sort of "ultimate" feat with them...I just want to hike and enjoy it.  I have about 6 months to prepare which seems like a long time..unless I start eating cheeseburgers and fries....

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