Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2 (28 Days) Easy Does It

I have to say that Day 2 has been remarkably easier than Day 1.  Last night, I ended up eating a banana right before bed because I just didn't feel right.  I was afraid it was the new diet and I would wake up feeling like shit but I didn't!  I think I just needed a good night of sleep.

I am a little achy from working out on Monday but am actually really, really excited to head to the gym tomorrow.  I am not kidding.  This whole CrossFit workout is super hard work but totally fun in a I want to punish myself for eating all those donuts sort of way.  I know I am just beginning but it feels right.  I have done the regular gym thing in the past....I do the treadmill or bike or elliptical machine but I think actually pushing yourself to workout to your limit is a really hard thing to do.  For me, this group setting (with a trainer watching your every move) makes sense.  Clearly, if I had self motivation and a little restraint in the past, I would not be in the situation I am now. (aka fat mom).
Kelly P. Eating Paleo!
 So, for breakfast I had 2 eggs and some delicious bacon that my colleague and friend Kelly P. cooked on the grill.  I am so lucky to have her....when I told her about the Paleo diet she didn't say I was crazy for thinking about it.  She told me that she would do it too so we could support each other.  I am trying hard not to start blubbering like a fool (although I bet it burns some calories) but how amazing is that?  I mean, let's face it.  We are really with our coworkers as much, if not more, as we are with our families... Kelly P. and I are taking turns cooking each other's meals, basically talking about Paleo whenever we have a free minute, and planning what we should eat together.  For lunch today, she brought in a hamburger for me and grilled fish for her (I don't really eat seafood) and mixed vegetables and a sweet potato to share.  Lunch was fabulous!  Seriously, she was just about to leave for the day and stopped by my office to confirm that we were prepared for  tomorrow...okay now I AM blubbering a little bit....

Dinner was delicious thanks to my amazing mother.  She offered to cook since Jason and I had an appt. this evening.  She made Paleo friendly spaghetti sauce with loads of veggies.  For non-Paleo eaters, she made regular spaghetti.  For me, she made spaghetti squash and it was so yummy!  Everyone tried it and even my dad thought it was good stuff!  I think maybe next time we will all be eating spaghetti squash!  YAYAY

I have to admit, I am starting to get worried about Paleo Weekend Number 1.  I am working at a special event on Friday and my job assignment involves me assisting at a reception, in particular making sure the catering is set up and looks good.  The caterer for this event is really good...I mean delicious.  I am working again on Saturday...attending a luncheon to honor some of Louisiana's very talented students.  I am not sure if it is a plated lunch or buffet but am hoping for a buffet because I think I would have more options.  Jason and I decided to spend a romantic night in New Orleans after the luncheon.  Now, I don't know if you are from New Orleans or have been there for a vacation, but a romantic night usually involves some drinking - hurricanes, hand grenades, pimms cups just to name a few.  And it would not be a trip to New Orleans without a stop at our favorite restaurant Port of Call.  I think I will be okay with the food part - they do have the best steaks ever - but they also have my favorite drink.  It is a non-frozen Pina Colada and, just thinking about it, makes me weep with happiness.... but it is so not Paleo...not even a little bit.  Sooo....I will do my best to make it through without going overboard.  I read a semi-paleo margarita recipe (in Rob Wolfe's Paleo Solution) that is tequila, the juice of a whole lime, and club soda....perhaps I will try it out!

***A note about my weight....I have tried, honestly tried to type my weight on this blog.  I am sorry, but I just cannot do it.  I can easily talk about having to pee standing up because my muscles hurt so bad or crying in the bathroom because I am afraid my weight makes me a bad mom but I just cannot type my weight.  Sad, isn't it?  I hope that I eventually can.....I certainly won't have a problem how much my weight changes from week-to-week (hopefully for the better :)) Also, I am having blood work done on Wednesday and my Endocrinologist is testing all of the levels that are supposed to be positively effected by Paleo...glucose, cholesterol, etc.......I will keep you posted on how those tests compare to pasts tests and testing at the end of these 30 days.  :)

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