Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 1 - The Results

It has been 7 days....I cannot believe Week One is over.

And......I lost 6 pounds!!!!! Not only that, I feel stronger than I ever had and in more control of my life.  I can barely wait to see what Week 2 brings!!

Jason and I have been talking about what I would like to do to celebrate when I reach my goal..which, by the way, is to be healthy.  I don't have a set size or least not yet.  I am just striving to be healthy and strong...anyway...he came up with the perfect celebration.  When I reach my goal he and I will take the kids on vacation somewhere fabulous and renew our wedding vows!  Our 5 year anniversary is in April and he thought it would be great to renew our vows in a way to celebrate the beginning of our new and healthy lives!  I am hoping we will get to do that a one to two years!  Only time will tell!!

I am excited to go to Geaux Crossfit tomorrow!! 

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  1. I found your blog on the Crossfit board and it's fantastic! I was also someone who would have never gone to the gym but completely love Crossfit....sounds like you have a very supportive box which is, honestly, one of the greatest things about it.

    And your food willpower is amazing. Having grown up in the New Orleans area there is certainly temptation everywhere. I'm hungry just thinking about it lol (I'm on day 15 of my Paleo challenge).

    All the best!